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Use of Kurmanadii

Subject: Use of Kurmanadii
Date: Wed 09 May 2012 22:22:29 +0500 (IST)
From: Ram Sahay Kulshresth


"Áma'ra yata malimtá sariye dáo prabhu ájike..." (1457)


Baba, I do not have any strength of my own - just by Your grace I am moving ahead on Your path; but it is very difficult because of all the stains, dirt, and blemishes on my mind. O' my Lord, please bless me by removing all the impurities and stains from my mind; today make me pure. Baba, please give me more capacity to do Your work and to do Your dhyana.
O' my Lord please be gracious.

Baba, You are the Doer of everything. You have created me and brought me on this earth and by Your grace I am moving on Your path. O' Baba, I have nothing to boast about; I have no quality of my own. Just I am the dust of Your feet. I am Yours. Baba, whatever You wish is the way in which my life proceeds. Please grace me by using me for Your work; make me Your machine. Baba, please utilize me in all types of work-- small or big, whichever You wish.

Baba, by Your grace, I have come on this earth to do work for You. I have come to obey Your command and follow Your order, and do whatever You wish. Baba, I want to materialize, implement, & manifest Your every plan and program. I want to bring all Your thoughts and ideas into form. O' my Lord, all these things I want to do. Baba, please be gracious on me. On my
own I do not have the strength or power to execute Your tasks. O' my Lord, please shower Your varabhaya mudra [1] - Your divine blessing - so I can spread your ideas and teachings throughout each and every nook & corner of this universe and make You pleased. O' my Lord...


[1] Varabhaya Mudra: (vara= blessing; a= no; bhaya= fear. Both palms are open. The left hand rests on the left thigh, i.e. vara mudra', the right hand is raised, i.e. abhaya mudra'.) This is Baba's great blessing of fearlessness that is bound in His eternal love and endless compassion. So by Baba's varabhaya mudra He is removing any & all fear by showering His
divine love. This is His special blessing upon each and every sadhaka - upon the entire humanity.

Baba says, "Utilizing the vibrations created for eternal time by Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji through januspharsha and varabhaya mudras, take ourself and the entire universe ahead along the path of welfare. Omn Shanti!" (CC-1, 'Concluding Words')

Baba says, "Suppose the Sadguru is saying something, and the deaf or dumb man wants to hear it but cannot. If one concentrates the mind on vara'bhaya mudra', there will be the direct effect of positive microvita on the auricular or other nerve cells and also on the controlling cells, and it may be that all of a sudden he may get back the power of hearing. One
should look towards these two mudras [vara & abaya] and not to anything else." (MVNS)



Baba says, "Kurmanadii is a point in the throat at the bottom most portion of the periphery of the Vishuddha cakra. If mental equipoise is brought about in the kurmanadii then the body's vibration can be temporarily stopped. Bulls have the capacity to fix their mind in the kurmanadii thereby achieving a state where they can remain still without moving for a long time. To see them, it would appear as if they were not a living being but a statue chiseled out of stone." (SC-1, p.48)

You might have seen some persons who cannot sit quietly. Even during sadhana they continue to twist and turn their fingers, or scratch their backs, or even open their eyes a little to take a peek around. And you might have seen some other persons who keep their domestic pet constantly on their lap and they scratch and pet their cat while they are practicing sadhana-- doing both things together at the same time. All this happens because their mind is restless so naturally their body is also restless. About such type of meditation, Baba has given the term "donkey sadhana".

To solve this problem Baba has given one beautiful asana whose name is kurmakasana (tortoise posture). This posture gives one the ability to gain better control over their body and contract and extend the various limbs of the body - similar to how a tortoise does. That is why its name is kurma because a kurma (tortoise) regularly does this. This entire topic is also related with kurmanadii which Baba is describing above. And the overall significance is that controlling the kurmanadii will help this problem and ameliorate this situation.   

Ram Sahay                

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