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Serious Matter

From: "Laksman"
Subject: Serious Matter
Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2012 21:39:04


"Sundar tumi manohar madhup nikare smita ha's..." (PS 1659)


O' Sundar, O' Most Beautiful One, You are the sweetness behind everything. O' Baba, You are Manohar: With Your exquisite beauty You have completely captivated my mind. Baba, because of Your infinite charm, all my thoughts are running ceaselessly after You. Baba, Your smile is like the accumulation of infinite sweetness. It satiates my whole existence and relieves me of all sorts of burdens and makes my life blissful. For You my heart is satiated; because of Your divine love, I am overjoyed -  overflowing in bliss.

Baba, You are the most loving One. You are the focal point of this universe. You are the source of all love and beauty. Baba, when I think about You, my existence becomes inundated in Your bliss. You are like the warm, loving, touch of the sweet, southern ocean breeze. Baba, because of Your divine karuna', my mind is calm, sweet, tender, and peaceful. It is Your grace. Baba, the sky, moon, stars, and nebula are saturated in Your effulgence, in Your inspiration, and in the grandeur of Your glory. Baba, each and every entity in this expressed universe has become drenched in Your nectar.  

Baba, the heavenly sweetness from the flower's fragrance is looking towards the distant blue sky with its eye colured in the attraction of love. Baba, due to Your love, that very flower pollen of my mind goes on floating & floating - permeating each and every nook and cranny of this universe. Baba, there is no scope for its cessation. It is always rushing towards You. Baba, because of You everything shines and sparkles in this universe.

Baba, O' the most charming One, please be gracious and accept my surrender at Your alter...


Here Baba reveals a most dramatic point regarding the past and current state of today's educational system.

Baba says, "The system of education prevailing today was formulated or evolved long ag, mainly with a view to suit the needs of the capitalist class. For the last three to four thousand years, the same type of education is being imparted. The main purpose behind this sort of educational system is to create persons with a slavish mentality to fulfill the need of those capitalist exploiters. This sort of education is fundamentally defective. It is certain that this type of education which serves the capitalists' interests is not at all suitable. This sort of education creates obstacles in the evolution of humanity. We have to thoroughly revamp the entire educational system. A new educational system must evolve to produce sadvipras." (11/29/70, transcribed from cassette)

Those who gloat about the standard of their education should know what type of learning & what category of knowledge they have. In this regard, we should ponder Guru's above guideline.

As Ananda Margiis, we are to help facilitate and guide the presentation of a new educational order where artistic and intellectual attainment are based on morality, service, and spiritual values.

Laksman Deva


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