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Re: Widespread Nepotism & Theft in WT Cadre #2

Date: Fri, 14 Sep 2012 21:09:31 +0530
From: "Divyapriya" inHim@porternet....
Subject: Re: Widespread Nepotism & Theft in WT Cadre #2



~ Part 2 ~

(Note: This is the second letter in this series; a link to the initial letter on this topic is appended below. - Eds. )


"Didi Ananda Giita has been looking after her own laokik father and keeps him in a Didi's jagrti. Specifically, Ananda Gita didi's father is K.C. Bhalla and he lives in the Ren'uka' master unit (Didis MU) in Umariya village of Raipur District. Needless to say, this sets a very poor example. Our dedicated Wt Didis are not to have contact with their laokik family. To stop their missionary work and address worldly family matters is not at all appropriate for our Wts. If really, the laokik family is unable to care for their father then they should take help from the local unit; Didi Ananda Giita must not get involved in the life affairs of her worldly father. That runs contrary to our wt code of conduct."

The Ananda Giita faction is currently riddled by turmoil. The leader herself - respected Didi Ananda Giita - ignores Baba's rule and now all the junior Didis are following her poor example.

"No relation should exist with worldly family." (32 Rules for Avadhutikas, pt #9)

Yet, Didi Ananda Giita gives special treatment to her laokik father by having him live on a didi's master unit. She arranged this specially for him. Yet it is known by all that males are not to live or be treated in a Didi's jagrti or MU. But Ananda Giita imposed this and crossed the gender boundary because of her deep attachment to her laokik father.

And this created a cascading effect.


Seeing the top Didi compromise in this manner, all junior Didis have begun doing similar types of things to support their laokik parents. Mostly they visit and give money to their worldly parents etc. Internally they think, "When my esteemed supervisor is partial to her worldly father, then I too should take care of my worldly relations." In that way, the problem has become systemic in the Ananda Giita group.



Furthermore, this top Didi Ananda Giita ji gives preference to those wt didis who were born in her own home area of Chatisgarh. That is why Ananda Giita's team is the Chatisgarhii subfaction. Seeing this, Didi Ananda Kaoshikii thought that she should do the same - she favours those didis who were born in Orissa. Within the greater Ananda Giita group, Kaoshikii Didi has created her own sub-faction consisting of the Oriya didis. Because that is where Ananda Kaoshikii is from and she gives preference to those Oriya didis.

So the Ananda Giita group is riddled by all kinds of problems and is crumbling from the top down.

Here following are more of the details.

Although everyone calls it the "Ananda Giita Group", that faction is not controlled solely by respected Didi Ananda Giitaji. Actually there is a split in leadership.

Respected Ananda Giita comes from Chatisgarh and watches over and favours all the Chatisgarhii Didis - i.e. those didis born in Chatisgarh; only those Wts will obey Didi Ananda Giita. Simply put, Didi Ananda Giita runs the Chatisgarhii subfaction.

While Didi Ananda Kaoshikii who comes from Orissa has the respect of all the Oriya Didis - i.e. those Didis born in Orissa; and she is partial towards them. Didi Ananda Kaoshikii controls the Oriya subfaction.

So you can say that within the "Ananda Giita Group" or "WWD faction" there are two distinct hierarchies - or two sub-factions: One sub-faction led by Didi Ananda Giita, i.e. the Chatisgarhii subfaction; and the other sub-faction led by Didi Ananda Kaoshikii, i.e. the Oriya subfaction.

Furthermore, both Ananda Giita and Ananda Kaoshikii play favorites with their respective follower, or sub-factions. That means that Ananda Giita Didi will not transfer workers native to Chattisgarh as she wants to please her sub-faction and keep the main jagrtis and most important fields in their control. There are many examples wherein Didis born in Chatisgarh get preferential treatment from Ananda Giita in this way.

And, side by side, Didi Ananda Kaoshikii allows her wt didis to remain in the same place as she wants to protect her subfaction. That means those didis born in Orissa get favoured treatment by Ananda Kaoshikii Didi. Such Didis do not get transferred because they were born in Orissa and get preferential treatment from Ananda Kaoshikii.

And verily there are plenty more examples from both groups.



This is all nothing but geo-cum-socio sentiment. Neither Ananda Giita nor Ananda Kaoshikii are guided by a neo-humanistic outlook. Rather they are both plagued by geo-cum-socio sentiment, i.e. blind preference for those who were born in their locale. That is why Ananda Giita will never transfer or go against the feelings of Chatisgarhii didis; and that is why Ananda Kaoshikii will never transfer or go against the feelings of Oriya didis.

Thus, the only Didis who get transferred in the Ananda Giita group are those leftover or step-didis who do not hail from Chatisgarh or Orissa. These step-didis are neither part of the Chatisgarhii subfaction nor part of the Oriya subfaction. And they are transferred to units that are no economically self-sufficient, i.e. tough fields.

In this situation also, there are many examples of Didis who are transferred and treated in this way because of their birth - i.e. they were not born in Chatisgarh nor Orissa.

Here we refer to them as step-didis because just as a typical step-mother does not favour her step-children, but rather does injustice with them; in the same way, these leftover didis are the step-children or step-didis of Ananda Giita. Ananda Giita can never look upon them as her own due to her geo-cum-socio sentiment. Hence these didis do not have a "goddess mother". Neither they are cared for by Ananda Giita nor by Ananda Kaoshikii. So those workers are just step-didis and get transferred - and moved here and there.


That is the way things work in the Ananda Giita group - and there are other notable points as well.

1) As you might imagine after reading the above, Didi Ananda Giita does not have total respect and attention of all the didis in the "Ananda Giita Group." She is not the leader per se; if she does something that some of the didis do not like then their entire WWD / Ananda Giita Group will break. There will be mutiny and chaos. Always they are on the brink of complete dissolution. In contrast, if Didi Ananda Giita was looked upon by one and all as the leader of that entire group, then the "Ananda Giita Group" would perform as one monolithic structure. But it is not like: They are riddle by subfactionalism and can completely split apart at any moment - breaking into 2 distinct subgroups with many more Didis scattering in other directions as well.

2) Another black-spot is that the "Ananda Giita Group" is not all bound together financially. They are not fiscally centralised. Rather almost all senior workers of the Didi Ananda Giita group as well as junior Chatisgarhii and Oriya workers Giita didi have their own PERSONAL bank account and ATM card. So from a financial perspective, they all function as their own separate entities - each trying to secure as much money for their personal interest as possible. This then is another cause of alarm that there is no unity or trust within this "Didi Ananda Giita" group.

Here I wish to clarify that those didis should have ATM cards etc, but those cards should be in the name of the organisation - not their personal accounts. We must fully support the fact that our Didis and wts have access to money; however, that money is to be regulated through organisational channels and fully accounted for. It should be centralised, not individualised. Such Didis should not be encouraged to build up their own personal bank accounts - for their own personal affairs. That is totally against Baba's system and contrary to the spirit of being a WT.

All this gives a little bit of a look into the Ananda Giita group and how it functions. Others can write in with more thoughts and news.



Note: In this critical situation, margiis should help correct this situation and be careful before donating money to our Wts. First margiis should watch and check to ensure fiscal transparency. If that worker is not ready to give an account and receipt, then margiis should refrain from donating. Certainly not all workers are bad and the organisation definitely needs money. Here the simple point is that all donations should be used justly and appropriately - they should go in the right direction. One should never donate money to Didis who funnel money to their laokik parents for their retirement or who divert money to their laokik brothers and sisters so they can buy real estate or houses etc. All allocated monies should be used exclusively for the welfare of humanity.

"No worker can keep unaccounted money (black money) with him." (WT Conduct Code, Six Addition Rules, Pt #1a)



There are a few who believe that since Ananda Gita didi's father K.C. Bhalla gave up all his moveable and immoveable property and donated it to Ananda Marga when his daughter became wt, therefore we should support this family regardless of their actions. Simply, because family has donated everything to Ananda Marga.

But life in our Marga is not like that. We support ideology - not any human being. Such a donation does not give them the right to go against the standards of Ananda Marga. Such a donation was made with their heart-felt feeling to serve - not as a plea-bargaining chip for going against Ananda Marga conduct rules later in life.

Here the ideological point is two-fold:
1) Didi Ananda Giita should not have contact with her father and should not be treating him with partiality;
2) Males should not be brought onto Didis master units.

No matter the circumstance, we are to abide by these point. Failure to do so only invites the doorway to degeneration as evidenced above.


As Ananda Margiis, we should not think that if one group is plunged in wrongdoing then it is fine and can be overlooked whereas if another person or group is doing wrong then it should be pointed out. As sadhakas and as well-wishers of society, any wrongdoing should be pointed out and properly resolved. With this type of genuine helping attitude, this letter has been written. I remember one general darshan in Mumbai: Baba told that if in your family someone is doing something wrong, then do not ignore that misdeed, and only point out if others are doing wrong. This is not the way. Rather it is most essential to save your close family member from moving in a negative direction. With that motive I am writing this.


There following lines are from a previous letter yet I feel they are helpful for review:

"In case there was any doubt or confusion in anyone's mind, let us remember that our respected wholetimers of Ananda Marga have dedicated themselves to a high ideal - in service to Gurudev and suffering humanity. Their lives are for the welfare of others. So none should think that our workers can be thought of as selfish corporate executives or business employees who reap profits and benefits and use those funds for their selfish ends. In materialistic enterprises, people do like that. That is the common way. But as we know our Ananda Marga is a social service organisation. Our wts are not "on salary" and all donations are to be used for helping those in need. Workers are not to abscond with money & goods designated for service projects. Funneling those resources to their worldly families breaches their sannyasi vow as well as the code of asteya (non-stealing). So we can say it is a double sin: First, our workers are not to be selfishly hoarding wealth and stealing from society; second, our esteemed wt acaryas are not to maintain contact with their laokik family." (Posted 7/27/12)


"Saba'r saunge tumi a'cho, tumi a'cho, Prabhu tumi a'cho..." (PS 1111)


O' my Lord, You so gracious, You are with all; O' Prabhu, You are ever-present, You know not any barriers of relativity. You always remain with everyone. Baba, by showering Your infinite love & compassion, You have graciously captivated and attracted my mind. Baba You are ever present - ever present.

Baba, in the fast, ferocious winds of the cyclone, and in the deadly grip of the cobra, at the time of death when the god of death comes near, or when in the jaws of enemy, in all these terrifying circumstances You shower Your sweet grace by smiling and dancing. Baba, even in the fire of the unbearable inferno, You shower Your causeless grace and turn everything into the cool balm of sandalwood. Baba, You are ever-gracious.

Baba, You are present eternally. Even before anything existed and before there was even the hint of creation, You were present then also. Baba, You are the Creator. You are the origin; You are omnipresent. Even when there were no seconds, minutes, hours, days, dates, months, or years, and there was no way to count the time, then also You were present. Baba, in that moment You were alone. There was no divine play of hope and hopelessness between the Lord and His devotees; just You were all alone. Baba, today You are ever-present along with Your creation. You are vibrating in Your liila'rasa, dancing with divine ecstasy in the bond of love, showering Your grace to all the jiivas, and attracting everyone close to you. Baba, You are ever-present, omnipotent. Baba, Your liila is unfathomable.

Baba, You are the beginning and You are the only desideratum, the Goal... 

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