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Current Economic Crisis...

Date: Sun, 25 May 2008 23:46:21 To: AM-GLOBAL Subject: Current Economic Crisis... From: "Ishvara" Baba "Toma'r rather ca'ka' prabhu, egiye cale aharahah..." (3469) Purport: Baba, my Prabhu, Your chariot* is moving forward continuously. It is such a beautiful & panoramic scene. All the darkness of staticity, dogma and mean-mindedness is fading fast & evaporating from this world. With the forward movement of Your golden chariot, the divine effulgence is spreading all around. Nobody is left behind. If anyone did not have the strength to ride along, then You Yourself lifted them up and gave them a place on Your chariot. So everyone is sitting on Your chariot, moving forward and singing the song of one Goal. In ananda (bliss) everyone is moving forward by Your grace. O' Prabhu, O' Baba, Your chariot is moving forward non-stop... * Here chariot means the Path of Bliss, Ananda Marga, AM ideology, AM mission, and His grace etc.
Namaskar, Most everyone feels it in one way or another: Scarcity of jobs, rising fuels costs, governmental sanctions, food shortages, invasions and fighting over raw materials, marginal pay for workers, terrorist upheaval, extreme urban pollution, the pillaging of natural resources, and overall discontent and despair etc. Currently in this global market economy, our financial and social woes are mounting. No doubt, in some places, a few people are still drinking up the glories of a global economy, but their days of prosperity will not last long. Such an imbalanced system of the very rich and the extremely exploited cannot sustain itself. Yet who can forget as it was only a short while ago, that the global economy was looked upon as the golden vessel, i.e. the way of the future. To mention the phrase "local economy" was to sound outdated and archaic. It was to speak an oxymoron. How times have changed. Little by little the trend is now reversing and moving in the opposite direction-- towards the ways of a local economy and Prout, whether people realise it or not.
Ever since the US created the fashion of a global economic structure, the US has been losing more and more of its market share-- 20% and growing. Because new economic hot spots have been created, whether in SE Asia or elsewhere. And still many are dreaming of becoming a global giant. But again all of this is short-lived and short-sighted. Picture this: A country like the US goes outside to somewhere like Trinidad or Bangladesh for cheap labour. Those wealthy US corporations exponentially increase their profit and that impoverished place like Bangladesh suddenly has citizens on a payroll. It seems like a match made in heaven. Except for the loss of jobs in that economic superpower like America such that people are now actually leaving the US to find jobs elsewhere. That is a first. Plus, huge fuel costs to ship the finished goods from place to place, eradication of agriculture in the local area like Bangladesh, environmental destruction, and so many other woes. Not to mention, when invariably that economic giant like the US pulls out in order to find cheaper labor elsewhere, the workforce in places like Sri Lanka or Mexico wallow in economic turmoil. And that is only the tip of the iceberg, that is only the start of the problems regarding the global economy.
In the global economic framework, those over-industrialised nations like the US are constantly trying to create a market for their processed and finished goods. And when the US is the leader in warfare supplies, arms, ammunition, and weapons, then naturally they want to, nay need to, create a vast, global market to sell those goods. Hence, needless wars are encouraged all around the world simply for the sake of boosting the sales of arms-- boosting an economy. Plus that same economic giant will have to impose its will in order to get more raw materials to feed its ever-growing ways of over-industrialisation, hence the invasions into Afghanistan and Iraq for oil etc. Because, of the imbalances of a global economy, over-industrialised nations like the US will always be creating hell in order to boost their own economy, irregardless of what negative impact that has on the rest of the world. And on the opposite end of the spectrum, under-industrialised places like Afghanistan, Sudan, and elsewhere will suffer from an extreme lack of jobs & economic instability, and hence resort to terrorism in order to get their message across. That is another level of destruction and chaos created by the topsy-turvy global economic structure. So, in countless ways, the global economic system is failing. It is too costly, too wasteful, too exploitative, too thoughtless-- and it totally overlooks the welfare of the people. There is no long-term, beneficial, over-arching gain-- just struggle and strife. In the short term, those countries leaning towards over-industrialisation like China and India will experience a temporary boom-- and they may be dancing in the joy of those dollars, rupees, and yen-- but that boom is mostly baseless and short-lived. Ultimately it will come back to haunt them. They will merely fall into the same pitfalls which the US has experienced.
For reasons mentioned above and more, conscious people around the world are working hard to develop a localised economy in their area or region-- in their samaj. No doubt, in this age of instantaneous communication, space stations, and ultra-modern & global everything, it may sound like an oxymoron to pursue a local economic policy, but that is indeed that answer. That is what Baba has clearly given.
In His Prout discourses, Baba has provided all the needed directions and instructions for developing a healthy, local economy. Here are 5 central principles to that end: 1. The first principle of decentralized economy is that all the resources in a socio-economic unit should be controlled by the local people. 2. The second principle of decentralized economy is that production should be based on consumption, not profit. 3. The third principle of decentralized economy is that production and distribution should be organized through cooperatives. 4. The fourth principle of decentralized economy is that the local people must be employed in local economic enterprises. 5. The fifth principle of decentralized economy is that commodities which are not locally produced should be removed from the local markets. (PNS-21) And verily, the world is beginning to move in this direction. It has not come to fulfillment, but there are growing pockets where the above principles are being embraced. Of course, those corporate giants are still trying to pilfer all they can on the global level. So there is a tug of war going on the and the situation will get worse before it gets better. But, with each and every step those very same corporate giants are getting closer to hitting that wall, where they can not only progress no further but are forced to turn back in the opposite direction. The failing dollar, high costs of fuel, social unrest and more will be the undoing of global capitalism.
In response, knowingly or unknowingly, so many grassroots organisations, cooperatives, and small businesses are trying to establish themselves in the local arena. They realise that a local economy will bring environmental balance, job security, social stability, and economic might. In that way, society is coming round to the ideals of Prout. Not because they are reading Prout discourses, but because they are reacting to the ills of the global economic system. So it is our duty to bring more and more attention to Baba's socio-economic teachings. Because , only He has prescribed a step by step analysis for how to create a fully-sustainable, local economic system. This is what the people of today need to hear.
So now, when the world is quickly getting tired of the global economy, when it has become too expensive to grow spinach in China and have it shipped to consumers half-way around the world, when so many local jobs have been lost and outsourced, and when so many local merchants have been swallowed up by Wal-Mart and Home Depot, people want answers for how to proceed. Here for your review are but a few of the many golden ideas Baba has given in Prout. It is ideas like these that will empower the people and revolutionise the world. So we should be maximally familiar with Baba's Proutistic teachings and be ever ready to share them with all. Baba says, "In a decentralized economy the commodities produced by a socio-economic unit will be sold in the local market itself. As a result, there will be no uncertainty in the local economy or the economic life of the local population. In addition, money will be circulated within the local market so there will be no outflow of local capital. The possibility of an economic catastrophe in the local economy will be largely eliminated. In such a system, people’s income will have an upward trend and their purchasing capacity will continuously increase. No economic system in the world has been able to continuously increase the purchasing capacity of the people, because economic power is concentrated in the hands of a few." (PNS-21) Baba says, "Commodities which are not locally produced should be removed from the local markets...It is essential that the local population utilize the commodities produced in their own area to ensure the prosperity of the local economy...In a decentralized economy, the application of this principle is very important. If it is neglected, the local industries will gradually close down, local markets will go out of the hands of the local people and unemployment will increase. Once locally produced goods are accepted in principle, not only will local industries survive, but with their further development the local economy will thrive. The outflow of capital from the local area will be checked, and because it will remain in the local area, it will be utilized to increase production and enhance the prosperity of the local people. With the increasing demand for local commodities, large-scale, medium-scale and small-scale industries will all flourish." (PNS-21)
By His grace, He has bestowed upon us an economic system that is the perfect answer to today's current socio-economic woes. Global needs to be replaced by local. Corporation needs to be replaced by cooperative. And Prout is that way and so much more. Baba says, "In this present age of transition, you are seeing many theories change and being discarded before your very eyes... wholeheartedly embrace that theory which adjusts with time, space and person and will continue to exist forever." "Prout philosophy is situated at the height of pinnacled excellence because it moves with the changes of time, space and person. PROUT will always cross the barriers of time, space and person in an ever-progressive way." "So go on progressing. Mischief-mongers will not be able to poke their nose into human affairs and put up a fence to block the path of progress. Go on progressing, undaunted." (AFPS-9) Namaskar, Ishvara
******************************************** Future Humans
Baba says, "A day will come when the eyes and the bones in the human body will become weak. Almost all people will wear glasses and have false teeth. In the future there will also be tremendous changes in the structure of human beings. Human intellect will become sharper, the cranium will become larger and the nerve fibres will become more complex." (AV-8, p.8-9)

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