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Just Like Monkey's Guidelines

Date: 17 Jun 2008 23:19:25 -0000 From: "Indrajit Rai" To: Subject: Just Like Monkey's Guidelines Baba "Tamasha'r pare a'sha'r a'lok purva'ka'she raune eneche..." (PS 4699) Purport: O' human being, the humanity is desperately calling you. Please awaken; do not sleep anymore. In the eastern horizon, the colorful dawn is approaching. The time is not far when no one will be downtrodden, when no one will hang their head due to lack of hope and despair. Look, Parama Purusa has come! The days of darkness and negativity are fading away. The new dawn is approaching. The most close and dearest Parama Purusa Mahasambhuti has come. With His divine blessing we have to march forward...
Namaskar, Some Dadas are talking around town that it is time to write guidelines and booklets to elaborate on the systems laid down in Caryacarya. Such people want to create handbooks that detail the powers and breadth of our respective committees, boards, offices, and postings. However, embarking on such a project at this point in time would only be inviting dogma after dogma, as well as the sheer manipulation of our entire Marga structure. Yes, such guidelines need to be drawn up eventually, but definitely not now by the various groupists & power mongers who are vying to "lead", i.e. capture, our Marga. Here is the clear-cut reply about why not to let such greedy teamsters embark on such a project at this point in time.
Firstly, who can forget what happened at the end of 1997 when the B Brigade-- i.e. Sarvatmananda as ISMUB Secy and Sambhutyananda-- authored & published the 'BP Election Manual', commonly known now as the Fake BP Manual. They immediately put in place all kinds of outlandish rules in order to manipulate the '98 BP elections & every election since. In their so-called elaboration of Caryacarya, those groupists legalised the art of blackballing innocent margiis from participating in the BP electoral process-- all so that B group could fix their own man as BP in any and all units. All kinds of hazy guidelines based on "one's image" and "standing" in the eyes of the leaders allow factional heads to totally control and manipulate the entire margii process of selecting a BP. First B group was using this to their advantage, and since coming into power Rudrananda and crew are basking in the same. They have done zero to refute this Fake BP Election Manual because they also enjoy ruling over the scene. So from its inception, this Fake BP Manual has been nothing but a disaster for our Marga. Here the main point is that we have living proof of what hell occurs when power-hungry factional leaders create "guidelines" based on Caryacarya: They railroad all organistaional systems & procedures for their own groupist advantage and selfish agenda. Who then can think that we should now give the green light for all such groupists to create a guidebook about each and every aspect of organisational life. That would indeed be hell.
For another example by a different set of groupist cronies, about how groupists like to manipulate the structural codes, we need look no further than the mess that occurred once the EC group grabbed the reins in NY sector. Then one of the first ventures they did was to "re-write" the by-laws of NY sector in the favor of their own group. They decided that they would appoint their own SS, that they need not follow Centre, that they would be their own bosses, and they formally instituted all kinds of codes and rules that go totally against Baba's organisational structural design. All because those EC people wanted to capture and run the show in NY. This also shows that today's groupists-- from any faction-- are totally unfit to draft organisational guidelines. Because rather than adhering to Baba's system and the spirit of His teachings, they will take advantage of the opportunity in order to manipulate everything in their own favour.
And indeed since 1990, so much nonsense has happened on countless master units and service projects wherein this or that groupist acarya placed the MU or the service project in their own name. In some cases they sold off the entire MU for cash; in other cases they tried to kidnap AMURT; and we have seen innumerable schools and offices gobbled up by groupist representatives. Plus people like Citkrsnananda, who was Central Commerce Secy, ended up creating his own personal empire by registering a business in his own name. Citkrsnananda Dada may have thousands of justifications denying this, but in essence & in practice that is what he did. And there is no way that Baba approves of such greedy activities. Rather Baba Himself gave the copyrights of all His books to the organisation-- for the success and growth of our Marga. But so many Dadas now do they exact opposite. They do not follow Baba's selfless example. Instead they seize everything in their own name-- whether it be a service project, a school, an MU, or a business etc. So they cannot be trusted to create statutes and guidelines for our Marga. And then there is the whole issue of "expulsion" where every group in power since 1990 has legalised and used expulsion as their own groupist weapon-- when in fact Baba has clearly written that expulsion is not allowed in our Marga. Baba says, "Harsh social punishment such as creating not find any place in our society." (AFPS-7, p.6) Hence Baba's teaching is something and in practice these factional leaders do something else. Here the point is that whenever any opportunity arises, these top Dadas craft things in their own favour-- away from Baba's teachings. This is the very way things have been unfolding in our Marga due to the group fight and the selfish lust for power. And now, without seeing an ounce of rectification by these groupists, we are going to allow and encourage these same top Dadas to write handbooks and guidelines about Caryacarya? Never. Allowing any groupist to now write a so-called handbook about our organisational posts and systems is only asking for serious trouble as they will only use it as an opportunity to undermine our AM society and strengthen their factional ways. No doubt, such handbooks need to be written at some point in time, but not now by these greedy groupists.
Indeed, Baba's clear-cut warning, from His famed AM Revolution discourse, is that those seeking power and in power will always create laws for the sole purpose of strengthening their group's grip on society. Baba says, "Laws have been framed from time to time by the ruling class. On examining these laws it is evident that the ruling class framed them keeping their own interest as the uppermost consideration in their mind." (PNS-11) And indeed this is what we have seen in our Marga from 1990 up till now. Whether we are speaking about the Fake BP Manual, expulsion, MU's, service projects, schools, Purodha Board Elections, court cases, or the creation of a separate structure, always there are top Dadas in all the camps who try and create laws in the favour of their faction. And the ones who suffer most are the common margiis-- because that is who the various groupists are trying to capture, control, and manipulate. Thus allowing the reigning groupists to draft guidelines and handbooks expounding on Caryacarya is only to invite the very same problem which Baba describes in detail below. Baba says, "Laws have been framed from time to time by the ruling class. On examining these laws it is evident that the ruling class framed them keeping their own interest as the uppermost consideration in their mind. For instance, in Manusmrti, the text of laws framed by Manu, it is stipulated that if a Brahmin boy marries a Shudra girl, he is punished by shaving his head and taking him around the town seated on the back of a donkey. The punishment of a Shudra boy marrying a Brahmin girl is death. The laws were accepted only as long as the Brahmin supremacy remained, and were questioned the moment the Brahmin supremacy was removed. After the Brahmin supremacy, there have been numerous law-givers who have all framed laws and rules to suit their own convenience. Some have declared that allegiance to the king is the supreme duty of every member of society; others have placed the country or state above the sovereign; while others have considered their religion more important. There is no single common bond in any of the numerous societies to unite them. The laws for ensuring security are framed in such a way that equal security is not provided to all the members of the different strata of the society: there are differences between the Brahmins and Shudras or the white Americans and the black Americans. Such laws lacking a common bond cannot lead to the existence of a peaceful and everlasting society. Unfortunately all that the lawmakers have done so far is to frame laws which have caused immense social unrest." (PNS-11) Similarly, to allow any of the groups to write up their own elaboration of Caryacarya and put that in an organisational handbook is basically giving them scope to legalise their groupist power code, nothing more. When neo-humanism comes in vogue in our Marga, then all kinds of detailed handbooks can be published. That will be wonderful. But to allow groupists to embark on this same project now is tantamount to binding up our Marga in dogmatic chains for generations and generations to come.
Here is a short parable that further describes the situation. One day two cats found a chapati that had been soaked in milk. Each had a strong desire to eat the entire thing. Needless to say, they could not agree upon how to divide it up. Thinking that a monkey would have a high-minded solution, those two cats naively asked one monkey to solve the matter. Immediately, that monkey took on the air of a distinguished judge and spoke as if he was giving a great sermon about ethics and morality. The cats were impressed. And little by little that monkey would break away a piece of that tasty chapati, discuss in detail about the mores of the land, and elaborate on which cat should get how big a piece. However, in that process that monkey devoured the entire chapati all by himself. Likewise, if we were to let the Sarvatmanandas, Rudranandas, and Citkrsnanandas etc of the world-- or any of their stooges-- write handbooks or guidelines on Caryacarya, they would merely create laws that satisfied their own ravaging hunger to grab the power. Not so much as one ounce of good would occur to our Marga. The whole thing would be a disaster. That is why any attempt now by any groupist to create a guidebook would be nothing but a monkey's guideline. Just as in the above story that monkey befooled and exploited those cats and ate the entire chapati, the same thing would happen if any factional representative(s) were to write up guidelines on Caryacarya. All the power would go in their favour and the common margiis and field wts would suffer. I think by now this entire chapter is quite clear.
By Baba's grace, He has given us sadhana as well as the tenets of neo-humanism. As we follow these teachings we will certainly be able to expound upon His teachings in a proper way that will bring about human welfare. So it is not that forever and ever we will have unworthy groupists dominating our Marga. Soon we will have proper persons in place-- and at that time they should certainly elaborate upon Baba's organisational guidelines. But to allow any groupist to do so at this point in time is sheer lunacy. Baba says, "There are many persons in this world who think of themselves as civilized but mercilessly crush the helpless and the innocent...It is the bounden duty of the leaders of this world to form a strong society of human beings on the basis of a constructive ideology and to spread civilization in them. If this is done, cultural development will automatically occur." (AFPS-6) Namaskar, Indrajit
**************************************** Process of Channlisation
Baba says, "If people have a healthy body and mind their glandular system will remain balanced and they can easily channelise their physical energy into psychic and spiritual activities. This process of channelisation is the only way to check the mental flow towards crude propensities." (AFPS-9, p. 35)

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