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Unique Gift: Diorama

Date: 09 Sep 2008 22:46:06 -0000 From: "Chandramohan Jha" To: AM-GLOBAL Subject: Unique Gift: Diorama Baba "Jakhani bha'vi kichu cini bujhi, dekhi a'mi kichu ja'ni na'..." (PS 3225) Purport: When my little ego dominates then I think that I know and understand everything. It is only later that I realize that I do not know anything-- I know not. When I try to move on the path with my own strength, then it is difficult for me to decide what I want to do and what is my goal. From the origin of which unknown source am I floating and floating, from far to the farthest place, in the search of that unknown divine Entity. Day and night I am searching and wandering; why I wander around I do not understand. O' karunamaya, what type of divine play do You do with me. What type of liila do You go on playing with this unit entity. How can this divine play between unit and cosmic continue without Your grace. Baba, You are everything, only by Your grace is anything possible...
Namaskar, Most are aware about the magnificent paintings of Lord Shiva and elaborate dioramas of Lord Krsna which Baba has bestowed upon our AM society. In particular this letter focuses on the making and significance of the dioramas depicting Lord Krsna's life. Note: For those who may not be aware, dioramas are miniature sculptures that depict an entire scene and this whole artistic yet life-like creation is set inside a glass encasement and put on display.
Like many margiis, by Baba's divine grace, I got numerous opportunities to visit Madhu Malainca-- i.e. Baba's Quarters in Lake Gardens. On several occasions I was there for gardening projects and other callings etc. Of course while on site at the Baba's Quarters, there were many things I saw those days-- some I understood and some not. Generally though I did not like to ask any questions. Mostly I thought that, 'According to His liking Baba will explain or not explain; and whichever way He chooses that will be perfect'. So like this many of the visits passed by His grace. One thing that I never got any answers to were the paintings and dioramas which Baba had collected of Lord Shiva and Lord Krsna. Those were part of Baba's museum just outside His room.
When I raised the matter with Dada Ramanandaji those days, then he told me that those dioramas about Lord Krsna are very special and that Baba Himself ordered them to be hand-crafted. Dada Ramanandaji further explained that Baba had called & paid the top, expert sculptors, artists, and craftsmen of Kolkata and described to them in great detail how they were to make these dramatic dioramas. Baba gave them very elaborate instructions and monitored their progress up to the very last detail. In that way, under Baba's meticulous direction, those dioramas were made by the finest artisans of Kolkata. Altogether it was a massive project as there were numerous casings of dioramas-- each specially designed and hand-crafted with tremendous attention to detail.
The next question which came to mind long back was, 'Why were such dioramas made?'. Please excuse my observation, but to me & to others also those dioramas which Baba designed about Lord Krsna's life looked just like many of the dogmatic Hindu pictures and paintings. We could hardly find any differences. So in that way I asked around to many senior Dadas and respected family acaryas as to why Baba has made these dioramas. And they mostly told that, 'If Baba has given something then that surely has deep meaning, so we should not come to any hasty conclusions. Best is to analyse the situation carefully.' This is the manner in which many responded to my queries. So still the matter was puzzling for me. Because so many of Baba's works & teachings have come into the limelight in the form of books, cassettes, CD's, films, magazines etc. But the special value of those dioramas has hardly been touched. Some workers could not give any reply other than telling that, 'It is just Baba's liila that He has made those things'. Means, in total, I did not get any straight guideline as to the special meaning of the dioramas. But even then, by Baba's grace over the long haul, after asking questions for many years, and after a long analysis, and after getting many replies, here are some reasons why Baba has made these dioramas for margiis to see. Because, as stated above, previously myself and others were thinking that these scenes were just like those dogmatic Mahabharata depictions etc. However below is clarification about the inherent dharmic value of these dioramas. Certainly others should also give their views. To begin here is a description of Diorama #4 so that everyone has a good idea about what these dioramas are. THE ELABORATE SCENE DEPICTED IN DIORAMA #4 Diorama #4 is so very dramatic. The scene takes place inside one hall of Krsna's uncle's house. Three female attendants and a male guard are standing around completely shocked. And the lady of the house is also present. And they are all astonished by one tremendous event. Because there sprawled out on the middle of the floor is one gigantic demonic female monster. She has huge fangs, long claws, oversized arms, wild eye balls, dinosaur-like feet, and so many other nasty qualities. And this female demon is totally enraged-- on her death bed. She is lying on her back with her chest exposed and there on one of her breasts is the baby Krsna. By the entire scene one can understand that this is the famous moment which Baba has recounted numerous times where the evil secret agent Putana put poison on her breast in an attempt to kill the baby Krsna. But Krsna being well aware of Putana's evil ways had to save Himself so He bit into her breast thus making the poison go into Putana's blood-- thereby killing the female spy Putana.
But even then the question remains why did Baba make such dioramas? And why is it that they resemble some of those Hindu models that show people as being terrible monsters etc. Of course those old religious Hindu explanations are filled with misconceptions and falsehoods about Lord Krsna's life. Whereas Baba is the epitome of dharma. So what is the righteous reason behind Baba's depiction in Diorama #4 where He presents one woman, Putana, as one evil, scary monster. When in reality Putana was an intelligence agent (undercover spy) so surely she looked like a charming, motherly lady. Because if really Putana looked like a monster then none of Krsna's family members would allow her to go near the tender young baby Krsna. So to be effective spies always must fit in naturally and be able to perfectly play the needed role. So being a top-caibre spy, certainly in real life Putana looked like a caring, loving mother etc. Thus why did Baba grotesquely distort Putana's physical image when making Diorama #4.
Here the main point is Baba is teaching everyone where dharma lies. That is the secret behind the presentation of all His dioramas-- and certainly diorama #4 as well. Because Baba wants to teach sadhakas the truth that Putana is an evil being and that Krsna was perfectly justified in killing her in self-defense. And the best way to capture this is to present Putana as some demonic character. By this way everyone will understand that Putana is some horrid creature. Otherwise if Putana was displayed in her real form, then after seeing the beautiful figurine of Putana, people will be led to the wrong conclusion that Krsna did something bad by killing her. When in fact Putana really was a wretched creature. Baba says, "[Putana] took a different path, the negative pat -- they [Putana and other intelligence personnel] wanted to destroy the very nucleus of the universe, Lord Krs'n'a, the greatest treasure of humanity." (NKS, Disc 19) Thus Putana's entire character was totally black-- negative and evil-minded. From start to finish she was dastardly. That was her inner nastiness; she was an enemy of dharma. So to depict her in a befitting way Baba has chosen to apply demonical traits to her physical body. And by that way everyone-- even children-- will reach the dharmic conclusion that Putana was one scary figure who got the negative death that she deserved. By this way no innocent observer will mistakenly sympathize with Putana. Rather all will be pulled forward on the path of dharma; and the enemies of dharma will be exposed naked. That is the beauty of Baba's dioramas about Lord Krsna. Such clairvoyant depictions put a spotlight on the path of dharma for everyone to follow.
By this entire scene Baba is also paving the way for how we are to move ahead. He has created one pathway for us all to follow. Because during His advent He has not at all depicted His own greatness; rather He has raised the stature of Lord Krsna and Lord Shiva through His comprehensive books-- Namah Shivaya Shantaya & Namami Krsna Sundaram-- and by these dioramas etc. But about His own Self and His own life experiences, Baba has not said much. That He has graciously left for us to do. Thus Baba has bestowed that honour on His devotes and He has shown us how to spread the grandeur of Parama Purusa in the right way. So just as He has done is those dioramas, we should also apply all the artistic, theatrical, and literary talents of the humanity to highlight His greatness and at the same time employ those same talents to reveal the nastiness of those who opposed Him. Means when we present the life history of Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji we should honor Him and reveal the sinister intentions those who tried to hurt and defame Him-- such as Indira Gandhi, Jytoi Basu etc. Our writers and artists must depict despotic rulers like Indira Gandhi in the darkest way possible-- using claws and fangs etc. By this way it will be perfectly clear to one and all that Indira Gandhi was totally wretched and negative like Satan. Because those who oppose Taraka Brahma are enemies of the humanity. This is the dynamic task which Baba has shown us how to do. And by this way we can glorify Him and guide the humanity where dharma lies. So on this point-- like so many others-- we should follow His all-knowing example.
Baba says, "When the spiritual aspirants will realise that the Supreme Entity is his actual 'I", the he will find himself freed from all fetters of the world." (AV-2, p.69) Namsakar, Chandramohan
Here below is Baba's dharmic description of this monumental and historical event which ultimately was depicted in Diorama #4. By Baba's below analysis we can easily understand that Putana was one evil woman. Baba says, "Why did the child Krs'n'a kill Putana? She was a member of the intelligence department...Putana was one such female intelligence agent employed by [the demonic] Kansa, king of Mathura... Krs'n'a did not plan to go to them and kill them, but He was obliged to strike back in self-defense when they made an attempt on His life. He could easily have killed Pu'tana' Ra'ks'asii with his dagger or strangled her, but He did not. Putana attempted to suckle Krs'n'a after applying poison to her breast, but Krs'n'a bit her breast sharply, and the poison got into her bloodstream, and she died. Even while killing her, Krs'n'a showed great human consideration...[Putana] took a different path, the negative path -- they [Putana and other intelligence personnel] wanted to destroy the very nucleus of the universe, Lord Krs'n'a, the greatest treasure of humanity. Vraja Krs'n'a had to kill them as a last resort. He did not kill them for the sake of killing, but to counteract their evil tendency to destroy human solidarity." (NKS: Disc 19) Similarly Diorama #4 represents the exact same dharmic idea that the demonic woman Putana who tried to murder the baby Krsna was a completely horrible person. And by depicting her as one enraged demon then everyone can understand that indeed this lady is negative. And that it was needed for Krsna to kill her. Whereas if Putana was shown as one glamorous lady, naive persons would tend to blame Krsna for needlessly killing one beautiful woman. Thus it was the need of the day to depict Putana as one ruthless monster whose death needed to happen. By this way everyone can easily understand Krsna's dharmic stand. And we A'nanda Ma'rgiis should do the same for Baba by glorifying His divine advent and presenting His nefarious opponents like Indira Gandhi as beastly monsters. Then even simple people can easily reocnize the dastardlyness of Indira Gandhi as well as understand & appreciate Baba's greatness and glory.
Many of the dogmatic, religious Hindu depictions of Lord Krsna's and Lord Shiva's lives hold a certain inner meaning that is of value. That is why some of our Dioramas are similar to those religious pictures etc. However in their practical life those religions totally lost sight of the goal and their expression became totally dogmatic. For example Hindus will show various figures dancing with Krsna but they do not understand that that dance is not just a dance per se-- but rather the spiritual of sadhana. Similarly Hindus are theoretically are aware about pranayama, tandava, and so many teachings of yoga but in their practical life they do not do any of those good things. Zero. Plus they made so many pictures of innumerable gods and goddesses that are totally fake and meaningless. So altogether Hinduism is totally degenerated and devoid of dharma. But what few good things they did portray about Lord Krsna etc, Baba has beautifully brought those ideas to the fore and at the same time He has blessed us with the teachings how to implement those dharmic things in our practical lives. That is why the path of AM is 100% dharma and the crude, Hindu religion is totally dogmatic and filled with falsehoods. By Baba's divine grace only our A'nanda Ma'rga is the path of righteousness.
************************************ Speciality of Ananda Vanii
Baba says, "I have already told you in many of my Ananda Vanii messages that Parama Purus'a is with you." "No one today is alone; even the small countries of the world cannot live separately. We will all have to move together in unison - this will be the model for the future." "You will surely be victorious because you possess that inherent dynamism. I say this with great joy, and I anticipate with greater joy that your dynamism will increase more and more." (Kalikata, 12th November, 1978)

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