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Comparing Firefly with the Sun

From: "R&Lucielle Pucillo" To: Subject: Comparing Firefly with the Sun Date: Fri, 20 Feb 2009 22:24:28 +0000 Baba "Tumi na' bale esechile, a'j na' bale cale gele..." (P.S. 1327) Purport: Baba, without saying anything You came and appeared in my dhya'na, and now today without telling You just left-- disappeared. Baba, I was lying in the dust on the path, but You just lifted me up and put me on Your lap. It is Your grace, O' Parama Purus'a. Baba, my dwelling was old and tattered-- broken down. And not only that, I was also without intellect and conscience. Indeed, my condition was so pitiful that I did not have even one morsel to put into my mouth. But, by Your grace, You bestowed everything upon me and You taught me all the things. Baba, I was not understanding the dharma of human life-- what human beings should do, what are the do's and don'ts-- about all these things I was not at all aware. To get You I did not do any sadhana. But even then by Your grace You have taught me sadhana and You have blessed me with perfection to move ahead on the path. O' my dearmost Baba, previously in my life I was not even getting the status of a human being. All the teachings I had been given were full of dogma. Baba, by Your grace You have poured the sweetness and given me a voice and lifted me onto Your Divine lap. Baba, You have done everything. Secretly You came and secretly You left-- even then You have arranged everything for me. Baba, Your grace is unforgettable...
This letter is a must-read on this important topic: Namaskar, Every Ananda Margii knows in their heart that Baba's divine treasure of Prabhat Samgiita is one special, unique, unparalleled creation. Even then one person has taken it upon themselves to make one comparison-- foolishly attempting to cast it under someone else's lesser shadow. Nowadays one margii singer is selfishly proclaiming that Prabhat Samgiita should follow in the footsteps of Rabindranath Tagore as if this would bring Prabhat Samgiita to its glory. When in fact it is commonly known that Ravindra Samgiita has its own inherent loopholes and furthermore that Ravindra Samgiita has gotten horribly degenerated due to numerous defects in presentation and lack of foresight. Even then one supposed singer is advocating that a comparison be done-- most likely due to her own negative agenda. And that too will be discussed. Here following though are some of the facts and figures behind the defective comparison between Prabhat Samgiita and Ravindra Samgiita.
Baba's holy collection of Prabhat Samgiita are completely unique and beyond comparison-- in all the ways. For example, when Baba was writing any song then first He used to compose the raga, or special tune. Because when making a new song Baba would always begin by humming the new melody line. Means creating the enchanting tune was the first step. And in next phase Baba would write the words or poetry to fit the style of the raga (tune). So Baba's approach of composing the raga first is completely unique-- nobody else does like that. In comparison Rabindranath's attempt is much less. Means he did not give any melody. Means no tune, melody, or raga was given at all. Just he composed the poem and then later on all sorts of filmy singer singers were allowed to perform Ravindra's songs according to their own choice and style. And in that way such C grade musicians and the corrupt film industry dragged his collection through the mud. In contrast Baba is not only Composer -- He has done everything. First He has created the tune, and then the words. And then He has designed it in such a way that it will always remain blemishless and pure.
In perfect fashion Baba has given the dharmic guidelines whereby Prabhat Samgiita will remain in its pristine state. 1. Baba has insisted that the singing style of His Prabhat Samgiita be fixed. Means it is not up to some cheap singer's low-grade interpretation how it should be sung. Already Baba has given the straight guidelines about this. 2. Baba has given the rule not to play His songs to the non-margii public. By that way non-sadhakas will not get opportunity to manipulate Prabhat Samgiita. 3. In accordance with point #2, Baba has made the strong dharmic rule that not to play His divine Prabhat Samgiita on the radio or in those crude films. 4. Baba has told not to sell it in pseudo-culture markets. So these are some of the examples how Baba has done perfectly. Whereas Rabindranath is operating from a deficit or is a no-show on all the above points. Even then that is not all. Here below is another point for our list.
5. Baba firmly told on the public platform during DMC that no poetic translations should ever be done of Prabhat Samgiita into other languages. Never do like this. So this is yet one more golden rule by which to preserve the sanctity of Prabhat Samgiita. Whereas Ravindra Samgiita is not like this because he never made rule not to make poetic translations or sing the songs in a translated way. Rabindranath never warned about this. So like this and in so many other points Ravindra Samgiita falls far short of the mark. Even then one female singer is scratching on our door again & again-- whining that this type of negative poetic translation should be done. When we all know that Baba Himself never condones this. And He harshly rebuked and scolded anyone if did like this, such as when HE pointed out Cidghananandji for doing this and then after nobody did--..... until now.
If Guru is furious then nobody can save. Baba has warned us that no poetic translation should be done and sung. Even then by taking the name of Ravindra Samgiita one so-called devotional singer is doing this with Prabhat Samgiita. She is going against Guru-- outrightly.
Our duty is to follow Baba's guideline in all the sphere but especially in the devotional field. Because if in devotional field one does not follow Baba, and they instead go against, then what will be the fate. 'Guru Krpa Hi kevalam'= Without the grace of Guru nothing is possible. So we must please Baba what way He wants; that is our only duty.
We are not to not the follow negative ways of Ravindra Samgiita / Tagore. Rather as Ananda Margiis we are to follow Baba ways and directives. He is the Taraka Brahma and it is our moral duty to follow His command. Even then one singer could not manage to follow.
Baba says, "So ours is the age of Neohumanism-- humanism supplying elixir to all, one and all. We are for all, and with everything existent we are to build up a new society, a Neohumanistic many epoch-making events, so many annals of history, are to be created by you boys and you girls." (NHNS-1, '99, p. 73-4) Namaskar, Liila This letter is a must-read on this important topic: Note 1: Prabhat Samgiita is unique and stands Baba's special creation, but Jyotsna (originally of New Zealand) is negatively telling that it should be done in the footsteps of Ravindra Samgiita. Because on the back of her "Reddish Blossom" CD, where she is wrongly doing Prabhat Samgiita in this very same manner, Jyotsna wrote: "Just as the poems of the Nobel Prize Winner, Rabindranath Tagore from India, were brought to an English speaking audience..." So clearly then she wrote this negative advice because she herself wanted to do like this. I.e, go against Baba's guidelines when necessary. And in fact on this very CD, she went against Baba and made her own poetic translation of Prabhat Samgiita into English. And she sung them. And she is negatively propagating that more be done like this by giving the false justification of Rabindranath. When Baba Himself is adamantly against such things. So this is one very black act. Note 2: Inside and out the whole intention behind this affair is rotten from the inner core. Because Jyotsna has one negative desire in the mind to follow her own adharmic and despicable program of ruining Prabhat Samgiita by translating them into English and singing them to fill her pockets and get praise and other selfish reasons. So in that course, to justify this narrow misguided thing she created her own negative theory and analysis. Namely that we should do like Rabindranath and follow that as if this is the way. When she herself knows it is wrong. So all sorts of ad hoc nonsense and cock and bull theories she devised and convinced herself of in order to justify her anti-Guru activities. And now she started printing that same nonsense on the back of her CD in order to convince & befool simple margiis and the ignorant public. And now these CD's are flying all around the globe spreading her dogmatic and unholy act to translate Prabhat Samgiita into other languages and sing them in her crude movie-style way. Means her fauly way is dragging down the sancity of Baba's Prabhat Samgiita. But no matter what her black strategy may be-- no Ananda Margii will appreciate this nor allow it to continue. Never, because Margiis always support the Baba.
Beforehand Baba has always warned us about negative activities. So just as Baba has warned us not to make negative poetic translations of HIS Prabhat Samgiita. In the same way Baba has warned us ahead of time about these other dogmatic and hurtful things: - No idol worship - No importance to tiirtha or to birthplace of Krsna and Shiva (i.e. do not tie up Parama Purusa) - So many do's and don'ts - So he warned before hand not to do negative things But those giving more importance to the post and money, such persons threw away Baba's teachings. They went against due to selfishness etc.
For the first time in history Baba has described devotional things with very intimate relations with Parama Purusa. So that needs proper introduction and explanation otherwise (new) people will take it in the wrong way. It should not get displayed in crude way. All purports distinctly telling that given for God-hood not any other way-for mundane crude attraction. But J did not like that so she violated the code and she took those songs and put them in other way. Not one word about Parama Purusa, or God, or divine Entity, or Brahma or Supreme Consciousness. Nothing. Then what are non-sadhakas going to think when they hear those songs-- they will think of their crude relation etc. So see what terrible confusion sister J is inviting by her selfish ways. Intention itself is bad, just like Christians and Islam have many crude things, then we should also, but this is all nonsense. But J thinks like that and in other depraving ways also. Note 6: Ravindra Samgiita is Ravindra Samgiita-- it is just some thing created by one human being; but Prabhat Samgiita is something Divine, given by the Parama Purusa Himself. Thus the first is laced with defects and got more degenerated over time. Whereas the latter is Perfect and protected in such a way as to never lose its Supreme status. Hence these two entities-- Ravindra Samgiita and Prabhat Samgiita-- cannot be compared. Or at least only a borderline so-so or someone with hardly any devotion would do that.
******************************************** What is Our Mission
Baba says, "Human life is a mission; life itself is a mission; one's very existence is a mission. A'tmamoks'a'rtham' jagaddhita'ya ca: 'Whatever one is to do, one is to do for a'tmamoks'a-- for their own liberation-- and for the elevation of the entire world, elevation of the entire human society'. One is to do both of these things; that is, these two things are one's mission." (AV-30, p. 28)

1 comment:

  1. I personally think of Tagore to be a great sage and an excellent poet/writer.

    I also personally think that Jyotsna's music sounds like pop culture. She even makes sentient margii children sound like tamasik pop culture. Then jyotsna takes credit from the sentient margii children and sells their image as her own.

    So I agree with both sides.


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