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Should Prostitution Be Legal

From: "Daniel Guttirez" To: Subject: Should Prostitution Be Legal Date: Sun, 27 Sep 2009 10:01:28 +0000 Baba "Toma'ke ja'y na' bhola'..." (P.S. 2347) Purport: Baba, by Your grace You have bound me in Your divine attraction-- love. Always I am calling and thinking about You, yet You are not satiating my heart's desire by coming close. Baba, when I long for You and the feeling of melancholy is unbearable then my heart begins to ache. Baba, in that longing and pain, the feeling comes in my mind that it is best just to forget You. Because then at least the pain which is lingering due to Your absence will not remain any longer. But the more and more I think that I should forget You, then my deep longing and yearning for You only intensifies-- and my heart becomes more and more restless to get You. Baba, I am longing for Your causeless grace, please come...
Namaskar, Should prostitution be legal? It may sound like a moot point, a foregone conclusion, or even an outlandish suggestion, especially in the minds of Ananda Margiis; but it may be something we are all confronted with more and more in the near future-- both outside and inside AM. So we should all be ready with the appropriate & Proutistic response.
Many margii readers may surely be thinking that 'the oldest profession'-- ie prostitution, has no legs to stand on and is a thing of the past; and 'there is no way that it will come to be accepted in AM circles'. And hopefully so, even then we should be aware of societal trends as they sometimes have a habit of sneaking our way. As is commonly seen, in some parts of the globe-- like Europe, parts of Asia & elsewhere etc-- the sex industry, and with it prostitution, is gaining both (a) greater popularity, and believe it or not, (b) acceptability as well. Why popularity? Well for one thing it is a "great money-maker". And in this capitalistic era, where money is king, then that is enough for some sections of the business world to embrace it. Consider this statistic:
"Prostitution is legal in the Netherlands, and the sex industry has revenues estimated at nearly US $1 billion a year."
And the Netherlands is one of the smallest countries on the planet-- imagine the size of the profit if it were legalised in China. And, indeed, at present in China, the dark way of prostitution is being resorted to more and more by young rural girls who are looking to make their way in the world.
"Fifteen years ago [in China], you didn't find sex workers in remote areas and cities. But now it's prevalent in every city, every county."
Given this, it may be just a matter of time before certain industrialists capitalise on it. So that is a mere glimpse of the popular perspective from certain financiers. And from the perspective of the general populace, prostitution is something that is not so under the table anymore. Amongst 'users' it is also rising in popularity.
"One of the most popular attractions is the Highway from Dresden Germany to Prague. It's lined with hundreds of Brothels and thousands of independents working along the highway."
"The world's oldest profession is highly visible in Berlin. As night falls, the ladies of the night parade the Oranienburger Strasse in the heart of the capital."
So in various regions of the world-- either due to economic woe in former Communist countries, sexual repression in the Middle East, or sexual acceptance in Europe or Singapore etc-- there is a growing market and interest in prostitution. So much so that even legal magistrates are changing their tune.
"A recent decision by a Berlin judge could well trigger a change in Germany's attitude towards prostitution... Judge Percy Maclean said the profession was now broadly accepted."
Thus in this debauched era, in some nations even the courts are giving way to the tidings of prostitution.
And perhaps, the most dangerous thing about this trend towards prostitution is that it is being embraced by certain 'western progressives'. In the name of 'freedom' and 'open-mindedness', more and more are thinking that prostitution is ok. They reason, 'Let the people do what they want' and 'Why should we be confined to narrow-minded Christian beliefs' etc. Hence, just as the right to abortion and gay marriages have become the happy song and voting ticket of countless so-called progressives, prostitution may not be lagging far behind. This issue also they will soon champion, if they haven't already. And if nothing else this spells t-r-o-u-b-l-e in the general society, and even within AM.
By now, some may be thinking that what is the need to discuss this on our Marga forum. Prostitution is not a new issue and why should we be concerned about it. Well for one thing, we are responsible for the proper growth and development of humanity and we should know its trends. So when prostitution is rearing its ugly head more and more, then we should be aware. And secondly, and perhaps a touch scarier, is that there is an ongoing trend that what becomes popular with the so-called western progressives also gains acceptance in AM. That is the history. For evidence of this, we need not look any further than the issue of homosexuality. This is clearly a thing that, in theory, is not at all supported by AM ideology, yet its toes have entered the front door of Ananda Marga, and it is no secret how this has happened. In the western mind-set, homosexuality has gained huge momentum such that gay marriages or same-sex marriages are not only becoming more and more prevalent, but they are becoming legal in many states and countries throughout the western world. And many heterosexual progressives blatantly support this as they think it makes them look more broad-minded, since by this way they are going directly against the Christian beliefs & the Catholic church, both of which are looked upon by 'progressives' as being stagnant in the social sphere. So for this reason homosexuality has become a major force in western social and political circles. And it does not stop there, from this 'progressive' front, such ideas about homosexuality have leaked into, if not spilled into, Ananda Marga. Because now not only are various Ananda Margiis less apt to say or think that homosexuality should be addressed and treated as a social disease, as Baba says it should; but in our Marga, various outspoken activists and self-proclaimed lesbians are given a high place in our AM society. They are treated as 'icons' in some regards. And the source of this problem stems from the fact that so-called progressives in the west hail the cause of homosexuality. Even various Hollywood stars like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie refuse to marry until gays enjoy the same right to marriage in each and every state, city, and town. So it has become 'hip' to support homosexuality-- it defines one as being "open-minded". And this very defective mind-set has crept into AM. Some in the Marga have gotten caught up in the chase along with western 'progressives' such that those same fashionable outlooks like "homosexuality go, go, go" have snuck into AM. Please excuse me for saying so but some of our Dadas are have very recently been involved in homosexual realtionships. But because homosexuality is so accepted in the general society, when a Wt indulges then it is not seen as such a bad thing. (Note the aforesaid case is well known and I have the details and first-hand information.) And if we are not careful, the way things are going, within 2, 5, or 10 years, in AM we may see a similar acceptance of prostitution-- all because it has been accepted by certain western progressives. It may seem like a far-off scenario, but actually it may be closer than we think. And best is to get our stance straight from the very beginning, lest some get sucked into the so-called progressive western mind-set, as has happened with the issue of homosexuality.
Just to clarify, our perspective in AM is not that homosexuals should be shunned & banned forever and ever; rather according to Baba such persons should be rectified and treated. Because theirs is not a natural way to live and we should not let our brothers and sisters fall prey to this approach. With full compassion, our manner is to adopt a stance against this abnormal way of life and through 16 Points guide such people how to mend their ways. And our view should be made clear and must not be at all ambiguous or contradictory. We should stick to our AM ideals, and have full empathy towards those lesbians and help them to be cured.
All this goes to show that the issues supported by 'progressive western intellectuals' has a habit of sinking into AM. So we should be careful. Because as prostitution is becoming more and more rampant around the globe due to so many defective trends such as the massive numbers of refugees, poverty, pseudo-culture, and a crude fascination with sex, its prevalence is allowing it to gain acceptance into the so-called progressive think-tank. Little by little this is happening. And we do not want the next step being that some in AM also start thinking that prostitution is fine and well so that they will be embraced as being 'open-minded' by various so-called progressives. That is the main issue, or potential issue if we look a touch further down the road.
In this degraded era of Kali Yuga when so many crude vices are cropping up in so many aspects of our social life, our standard is to stick to AM ideals and now be swayed by any so-called progressives. Surely, on one is AM supports the notion of prostitution but as the thinking of society changes, no one in our Marga should get swayed, for any reason. Here then are but a few of Baba's strict guidelines on this matter. So just as in the case of homosexuality, Baba's approach towards prostitution is equally clear. Baba says, "The repugnant social disease of prostitution is also a creation of the vaeshyas. As a result of excessive wealth the vaeshyas lose their self-control and their character on the one hand; and many unfortunate women are forced by poverty to descend to this sinful occupation on the other hand." (HS-2) Baba says, "Because of injustices against women with respect to their social rights and because women are economically crippled, a section of women is compelled to take to prostitution. Although there are many causes of this profession, these are the main two. Ananda Marga recognizes that women are as dignified human beings as men. Ananda Marga, in addition, wants to encourage women to be economically independent of men. The system in which characterless men swagger about in society while fallen women are denied proper opportunities despite their sincere desire to lead an honest life, can never be supported by justice." (28 January 1958 RU, Trimohan)
By Baba's grace as we spread the ideals of AM to the four corners, our universal human family will grow in a sentient and nice way and recognise the inherent value of all. Baba says, "In this new society based on Neohumanism, everyone will find their life worth living. All will regain their lost positions of honour." (NHNS-1) Namaskar, Dinesh
******************************************** Special Formula of Tandava
Baba says, "Tandava: As long as a dancer remains above the ground, he derives much benefit; when he touches the ground, then those benefits are assimilated by the body. That is why in the tandava dance there is much jumping, because jumping requires the practitioner to remain off the ground for a fairly long period of time." (NSS, p. 23)

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