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One storyteller wrote this below paragraph. Here we are concerned with the line highlighted in blue - i.e. that nirvikalpa samadhi means physical oneness with Parama Purusa. An entire posting has been written detailing how the below story and that philosophical premise is false. Specifically, in nirvikalpa samadhi is not physical oneness but rather a high spirit spiritual state. Here is that letter, Another False, Misleading Baba Story.

 Following is the paragraph from the storyteller:

"Those who have not just got one touch from Baba but have sunk deep in the delight of His darshan have experienced a whole life of miracles.  Baba once said in a darshan in India that those people who are satisfied with  feeling psychic oneness with Him attain Savikalpa Samadhi and that those who  are not satisfied with this, and who want physical oneness with Him attain  Nirvikalpa Samadhi (of a high order). One such great soul was Acarya  Divyanandjii Avadhuta. He was fervently devoted to Baba."

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