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Naive People Create Problems for Themselves

From: "Shantatma Kerketta" To: Subject: Naive People Create Problems for Themselves Date: Mon, 25 Jan 2010 14:10:35 +0530 Baba "Toma'ya a'mi bhla'loba'si, a'mi toma'ra a'jina'ka'ri..." P.S. 4589 Purport: Baba, I love You. I feel fortunate when obeying or carrying out Your order. By Your grace, I pass my whole days always involved in shravan, manan, and nidhidhyasana. I am always engaged in Your ideation. In true sense I do not know whether I love You or not. I do not even want to know whether I am loving You or not. Please be gracious and compassionate. And bless me with devotion. This is my only thing I want-- to remain at Your lotus feet. With my whole existence-- my body, my heart, & my mind, I do sastaunga pranam at Your lotus feet. Baba, please grant me devotion...
Namaskar, There is a myth in our AM society that jinana is useless and there is no need to read Baba's books. This letter addresses the issue. We all have to consider the matter: If really reading Baba's books is not needed, then what was the reason for Him to deliver thousands and thousands of discourses and emphasize the seminar system, svadhyaya, and study etc.
In AM, we have our distinct path. Baba has given all the necessary guidelines: When we follow them, life flows properly; when we disregard them, difficulties arise. This happens both in personal and in collective life. At present, we all know that groupism has reared its head in our Marga society. But it did not come out of nowhere. There are some tell-tale signs and reasons behind it. We should all be more aware about AM philosophy, Baba's articles / books, and reflect and honestly ask ourselves: "Am I part of the problem - even in the smallest way? How often do I read Baba's guidelines and discourses and ensure I am following His tenets." Kindly consider the following analysis and share your thoughts.
In our Marga, all want to be devotees. In countless discourses, Baba has clearly defined bhakti as being the best path, far better than the other paths, i.e. karma and jinana. Jinana or knowledge is the worst. So all are eager to become devotees. Unfortunately, some have (mis)understood this to mean that one need not read AM discourses or study Baba's guidelines. They think that is the lowly path of jinana. Indeed there is a prevailing myth in our AM family that knowledge is not needed. But Baba's main intention behind His criticism of jinana lies in having vanity of knowledge whereby people just read books and overlook sadhana. In contrast, knowledge of Baba's books is needed. In AM, some people mix this up. That is their misconception. So all should be cent-per-cent clear that reading Baba's discourses and doing sadhana comes under that path of devotion. One must read the books, do sadhana and follow accordingly, otherwise they will go in the wrong direction. We must know Baba's teachings. That is our compass of life. Just as the explorers of old used celestial navigation or a compass to plot their course, Baba's teachings are our compass to stay on the right path. Thus we must study and know His guidelines. Baba says, "To liberate society from this unbearable situation, consciousness will have to be aroused among the people; their eyes will have to be opened by knowledge. Let them understand the what’s, the why’s and the where’s. Thus study is essential, very essential." (NH-LOI, Disc: 7) If His teachings were not needed, then He would have just sat up on the dais and given varabhaya mudra for 2 hours straight. But He did not do that. Most certainly He blessed us, but in addition He gave us distinct guidelines to abide by so that we may (a) progress, (b) know what to do and not to do, and (c) reach the Goal. If one does not read the books they will not know the do's and don'ts and they will follow the wrong path and go in the wrong direction. That is what we see happening now. If due to our naiveté or ignorance, we are not aware of Baba's guidelines, then problems will arise. That is how groupism came about and finds support still today from good, well-intentioned margiis. Why because they lack the requisite knowledge. Confirmed group leaders are aware what they are doing - they are deliberate sinners. But countless other wts and margiis wish to serve the best interest of the Marga but innocently get caught up in the whirlpool of groupism. Because some are not fully aware of Baba's teachings and instead rely on certain Dadas for advice and guidance. When in reality, we should only rely on Baba. He is our Supreme Guide. So we should all be critically aware about His divine guidelines and let those teachings determine the course of our lives. Let's consider the matter further.
Many in AM think that, "Yes, I am following Baba in all respects". Who does not think like this - everyone does. We all think we are abiding by the ways of neo-humanism etc. All think that by their actions they are serving and pleasing Guru. However, upon closer examination, it is often found that many are unknowingly part of the problem. Unwittingly they are supporting groupism: Either by financial donations, reading Fake Ananda Vaniis, attending factional functions, accepting the Fake BP Manual, following Bangalisation or the Mahaprayan dogma, accepting scriptural distortions, the splitting of jagrtis, witnessing punishment postings and so many other ways. They do not mean to do it; it simply happens because some naive margiis / wts are not aware of Baba's teachings. See for yourself. We should all ask ourselves, "Did I review a discourse from neo-humanism this month? Have I read an entire discourse from Subhasita Samgraha this week? Do I regularly refer to Caryacarya?". This is the type of self-analysis that must be done. When one has Baba's ideas in mind, then one will not innocently become a puppet or supporter of groupist activities. That will save you from harsh consequences. Because those innocent people who unknowingly follow groupists agendas will have to face the facts and undergo the reactions. It is just like if one unknowingly touches fire, then that fire will not spare you. Similarly, going against bhagavad dharma is dangerous. On this point, no one can save you. One will have to face the consequences. Thus by not knowing Baba's guidelines and actively applying them in life, one is inviting all sorts of problems.
Most margiis are quite intelligent and more aware than the general public, so many may think that they are not prone to falling away from Baba's teachings. But if one has a weak spot for a certain Dada or group, then it can easily happen. Just think, most astronauts are extremely well-trained in the sciences and all kinds of technical aspects of life, yet still they may prescribe to the dogma of heaven. They know about outer space but they stillthink they will go to heaven. Because of their kinship with a particular religion etc, they may not critically evaluate their beliefs whereas in other arenas of life they are quite sharp. Many read discourses yet because of their friendship with certain Dadas they support groupism unknowingly, and hence fall into dogma like the astronauts. So those inclined toward a particular group of Dadas may automatically conclude that those group leaders are grounded in neo-humanism. When in truth those wts may just be involved in forming one group and thus violating the facets of neo-humanism. But the margii cannot understand that because they have lost the capacity to see; they have no vivek due to their factional allegiances. That is how people naively get trapped in the net of groupism, despite their best intentions to follow Baba.
There is more to this topic and a follow-up letter should be written. We should all know that through study, satsaunga, sadhana, and introspection, we can bring Baba's teachings into our practical life and avoid the awful reactions that stem from a lack of basic knowledge of AM teachings. Remember, whatever one does - right or wrong - one has to face the consequences. If one goes against the fundamental teachings of AM, then prakti will not spare them. As margiis we should adhere to Baba's principles strictly, read His discourses on neo-humanism and engage in introspection. Baba says, "There is another meaning of the word ideology. It means a mirror. When we look at it, we can observe ourselves. Similarly is our ideology. Every human being should follow his ideology. Human life is an ideological flow. Those people who have no ideology in life are not human beings. One can recognize other men to the extent that he follows his ideology. The life of man devoid of ideology is like an animal life." (SS-20) Namaskar, Shantatma
**************************************** - Marriage Condition -
BABA says, "I have stated that at the time of marriage the bride and bridegroom should not have any direct relationship three generations above and three generations below. If this condition is not met, the marriage should not be solemnized." (AV-7, p.57) Note: Those not following this their moral standard is questionable. Top grade margiis are very strict about this Baba's teaching.

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