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Re: Possible Scam of GS #2

Date: Fri, 29 Jun 2012 20:48:52 -0000
From: Cakreshvara
Subject: Re: Possible Scam of GS #2


~ Part 2 ~

Note: This is the second letter in this series; a link to the first letter is appended below. - Eds


"Current GS Dada (Ranchi), Ac. Citsvarupananda Avt, recently collected a huge sum of money (25 - 30 lakhs of rupees) from various Wts and margiis as a loan. GS Dada promised to return back the money many-fold to lenders. But now he is not willing to return any of the money back to margiis and WTs ."

Indeed, a huge financial scam has unfolded in the highest echelons of our AMPS structure. Here is a basic sketch of what has transpired:

1. Recently GS Dada Citsvarupanandaji approached acaryas and margiis – one on one – for financial contributions; i.e. GS Dada wanted or needed to borrow money from margiis, dads & didis.

2. GS Dadaji claimed that a huge donation of 25 crores (i.e. 25 x 10,000,000 or 250 million) rupees was coming from a third party in the US – a social service club.

3. Dadaji explained that in order for him as GS Dada to receive this huge donation of 25 crores, he would have to cover all lawyer fees, bank transaction fees, and taxes.

4. In this way Citsvarupananda Dada claimed that he needed RS 7 1/2 lakhs or RS 750,000 up front in order to secure the contribution of 250 crores from overseas.

5. On this premise, Dadaji quietly and secretly approached countless dadas, didis and margiis for loans in order to raise the 7 1/2 lakhs of rupees.

6. To be effective as possible in securing the maximum number of loans, GS Dada used one pitch, or line, to reel people in. He would say things like: “I am in my hour of need – this is a test to see who is my own – who will help me in my time of need – and this is that time.” This is the sentimental strategy that GS Dada adopted in order coax people into lending him money.

7. Many put their trust in GS and gave him money. It should also be noted that Dadaji promised that every lender would be paid back double once the big 250 crore contribution arrived. He also advised everyone not to tell people about this special plan, otherwise “they will snatch away your money in the future.”

8. Among the various workers and family margiis who loaned GS Dada money, I know that many margiis from Delhi also contributed.

Now Citsvarupananda is telling everyone that he cannot return the money (i.e. lakhs and lakhs) that he borrowed from margiis, dadas, and didis because he lost it all to some scammer.

Cakreshvara Shrivastav



Be sure to read the "Case Study #2" section in the below letter of 2009 to learn more about Dada Citsvarupananda's way of living.


"Tamasa'r parapa're jyotirttaka' niye a'cho ke go ananta ka'l dhare..." (#1818)


O' the Divine Entity, Who are You - since eternity You have been holding the divine lamp, standing across the cimmerian darkness. Piercing that
Cimmerian darkness, the whole universe is inundated by the flashing sparks of effulgence which are floating on and on, endlessly.

O' Witnessing Entity, You are fully aware what everyone is thinking, what people are saying, and what everyone is doing. All these things You know.
And You will go on seeing and witnessing these things - all the while remaining invisible.

O' Effulgent divine Entity, You are the absolute Goal; nobody is equal to Your status, glory, and greatness. You alone have the ability and power to
create or withdraw all the emanations of this expressed universe. Within a flash, You can infuse or take back any vibration-  secretly and silently,
without the awareness of anyone.

O' Baba, O' Divine Entity, I surrender at Your alter...

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