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Re: DMS News #12: Uncultured Dance in Cultural Program

Subject:  Re: DMS News #12: Uncultured Dance in Cultural Program
Date: Thu, 12 Jul 2012 17:55:01 +0530
From: dada nitya



(Note: This is the twelfth letter on this thread. Please find links to all earlier letters below. - Eds)


Brother Divyam'shu wrote:

"The fact is that Mr Pathak’s dance programs are strongly influenced by Bollywood sensuality. As a performance director, he takes all his cues from the materialistic movie / fashion industry. That is why there is so much pseudo-culture in his dance productions that are done under the banner of Rawa. So how could a highly posted Dada like Acintanandji think that Pathakji is establishing dharma? Dadaji’s analysis is quite disturbing."

My reply:

Who will bell the cat? Who will change Sri Mrinal Pathak's mindset about turning Rawa programs into sensual display? Moreover most dadas and didis are of the same feather and have such fixed mental attitude that is very difficult to change them. Many margiis are reluctant to express their anger when they hear about RAWA cultural function in DMSs, it is only because to whom they will complain?

Actually this adult dance-drama was introduced by Sarvatmananda and Mantreshwarananda and it became a tradition for DMSs; adult dancers were brought and sponsored by this duo during their hey-day in post 1990 era and were financing a lot to the women dancer teams of Bengal and Orissa with 5 star treatment. Though those days are gone and the key persons are changed, yet the same tradition is prevalent.

Such cinematic cultural functions in the sacred holy venue are not meant for any 'ideological project', rather it is a very cheap and easy 'path' for gaining popularity at the cost of our ideology.

Mrinal Pathak invites young women to 'appear before international gathering' in DMS and he lures them 'you are beautiful, you have talent and you will gain name and fame'. Many margis feel hesitation to allow their adult females to take part in DMS RAWA programmes. Now in Ananda Marg everything is free-for-all, so many WTs are sloping or tending downwards towards mundanity.

Dada Nitya.

On 07/02/2012 10:25 PM, AM-GLOBAL wrote:



(Note: This is the eleventh letter on this thread. Please find links to the ten earlier letters below. - Eds)


Jaykrsna wrote:

"All programs should be passed and reviewed by the RAWA dept. or advisory committee of RAWA dept. before being presented in the public forum. Indeed, the in-charge of each & every dept. of AMPS should have proper knowledge of the events and programs of his dept. Otherwise we will have to face this type of blunder on a regular basis."

Yes, I certainly second this proposal.

Verily, such a system must be in place and practiced otherwise this RAWA debacle will continue. Rather May 2012 DMS was not the first time that Mr Mrinal Pathak presented such a degrading scene on stage. This has been a on-going issue of late.

We should all reflect on the way Baba set up our Marga.


Baba has set things up such that we we keep our sanctity by maintaining our proper standard, not by compromising with our values. In the realm of male-female relations, our proper standard is separation, not free and sensuous mixing of the sexes.

Baba has mandated that everything in AM should be separate: For example WWD, our relief activities (AMURTL), reportings, social service projects, LFT trainings, and so much more. There are all separate along gender lines.

1. Jagrtis are not shared between males and females.
2. Co-education is not practiced with students above 10 years of age, i.e. or above the age of puberty.
3. During dharmacakra sadhana is done in distinctly different rows.
4. The organisation itself has an entire separate wing for females, WWD or Women’s Welfare Department.
5. Prout, AMURT, VSS etc also have separate sections for males and females.
6. Reporting is done separately.
7. LFT, Tattvika, and Acarya training is separate for males and females.
8. In-Charges are not mixed. Males are in-charges of males and females of females.
Note: Only in Central Office will the head of WWD be controlled by the General Secretary.
9. During DMC, kaoshikii was also performed separately. And still this practice is maintained.
10. Females doing guard duty for females and males for males; not mixed.
11. Akhanda kiirtana is also done in a separate manner.
12. Madhur Sadhana is not done collectively with the opposite sex.
13. in any gathering, games and sports females & males do not participate together.

Thus, when our entire AM way of life is separated along gender lines, it is shameful that today we are allowing the free and sensuous mixing of the sexes on the stage during our RAWA cultural programs. This sets a bad example for those young dancers and thrusts them into the world of pseudo-culture. Plus it is degrading for the audience to watch. It is a negative scene from all directions.

Indranath Deva












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