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Psychic Disease: False Health Problem

From: Sanjaydeva snjd123@resnt-com...
Date: Wed, 15 Aug 2012 22:21:46
Subject: Psychic Disease: False Health Problem


~ O' Parama Purusa, I visited so many tiirthas even then why do You not look towards me? ~

Prabhat Samgiita Intro: This below song demonstrates how Parama Purusa can only be attained with the loving feeling of the heart-- through one's inner, pointed, devotional longing. Because Parama Purusa only understands the feeling of the heart. That is why searching Him externally in various dogmatic tiirthas or putting on a false display of sadhana are utterly useless; such empty attempts will just end in vain. One cannot get Parama Purusa in those defective ways because He can only be held with the love of one's heart.

"Tumi bolo kii va' ca'o..."   (PS 688)


O' Parama Purusa, please tell me what You want so I can satisfy you. Please tell me why You are playing this liila, and how I can get You. Why do You go on making this grand liila of Yours while You Yourself only watch - quietly. You never disclose what You want; You never divulge Your secrets.

O' Supreme One, all these years I was searching You in the tiirthas of Jamalpur and Tiljala etc. I thought I could hold You by journeying to those holy lands. I tried to reach You through rigorous debates of the shastras. I thought that by debating those scriptures I could get You. I thought there was no need of sadhana. Many times I was doing showy sadhana - nyása práńáyám. O' Lord, all these attempts I made, even then why do You not look towards me?

Baba, O' Divine Entity, by Your causeless grace, today I am offering the effulgence and love of my heart. I am surrendering fully at Your lotus feet, and, I am decorating my mind with the flowers of love and devotion. Baba, I feel deep love for You in my heart - the aroma of sweet sandalwood. By Your grace, I am developing a strong yearning and pointed devotion. I am offering myself with no other desire than to get You. Please be gracious and take me on Your divine lap and make my life meaningful.

Baba, Your grand liila is unfathomable. Please make my mind pure and keep me in Your loving arms forever. O' Love Personified Entity...


Here is something we should all be aware about.

Even if they do not have from any physical problem, psychically diseased people mentally suffer and cry and complain about different imagined physical ailments. Such types of psychic diseases are called mania. Following is one example:

Baba says, "There was another person I knew who was quite healthy and carried out his daily activities with ease, and yet he was under the impression, for no particular reason, that there was some trouble in his stomach. Actually there was no disease; he was in good health. Yet occasionally he used to come to me and complain that there was some disorder in his stomach. This was his [psychic disease] of mania." (Ananda Marga Philosophy - 5, p. 347)

Herein lies the solution:

Baba says, "One of the numerous benefits of sa'dhana' is that it keeps the mind free from psychic disease." (Ananda Marga Philosophy - 5, p. 348)


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