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Ac Sambhutyananda Avt's Recent Public Letter

Date: Sat, Sep 1, 2012 at 9:12 AM
Lock of my room in Tiljala broken in my absence and goods

The lock of my room in Tiljala campus has been broken in my
absence and my personal belongings such as blankets, shawl,
sweaters, jacket, muffler, diaries, books, type writer, some
files and documents, medical check up reports, CT scan
report, X-ray report and some other personal belongings
which were kept in the room have been looted by Ac
Vicitrananda Avt( Vikasananda Avt [name changed after Arms
Drop -Ed.]) , the new General Secretary of Kolkata. Under
the pressure of a particular group in Tiljala campus, the
former General Secretary Ac Bhaveshananda  Avt, on the last
24th  July 2012 had to ask me to vacate the room, to which I
had told  that it will take some times for me to vacate the
room, but I assured him that I will vacate. Just after one
month on 25th August 2012 in a telephonic conversation with
Ac Priyakrsnananda Avt, the central office Secretary, I
informed him that I will come to Tiljala on 29th August 2012
(Wednesday) and vacate it. Accordingly, when I reached
Kolkata on the given date (29th August 2012) and contacted
Priyakrsnannadaji, then I came to know from him that the
lock of my room has already been broken and he asked me to
talk to the new GS Ac Vicitrananda Avt for any further
information. When I contacted ( on telephone) Ac
Vicitrananda Avt,  he confirmed that the lock of my room has
already been broken. When I wanted my personal belongings,
which were kept in the room, to return to me, Ac
Vicitranandaji point- blank replied me that I will not get
anything back. Now, my position is that winter is in offing
and in want of my belongings I will be compelled to under go
suffering and in absence of my previous medical reports and
CT scan and X-ray report, my medical treatment will also
suffer a setback, beside, in absence of my other personal
belongings, files and documents I will suffer irreparable
loss and psychic torture. This is how I am being made the
victim of inhuman tortures again and again.

It may be added here that I am in the organization for the
last 47 years. I joined this organization at the age of 18,
now I am at the age of 65 years. After having spent my long
47 years in the organization I am nowhere, I have no address
to locate myself. Where shall I go at the age of 65. I am
inflicted with all such tortures only because I do not
support Ac. Kinshuk's illegal and un-ideological
installation as Purodha Pramukha and the President of AMPS.
This small piece of e-mail is not sufficient for mentioning
all details but detail series of letters revealing the truth
will follow. You the readers please be the witness and judge
of all the facts and events in the past and in the present
and do the needful in the interest of justice.

I also remind the WT workers that you also may face such
fate and treatment if you are on the ideological path but I
fervently appeal not to deter and deviate from the path of
Ideology, Justice and Dharma. Live for the Ideology and die
for the Ideology.

Ac Sambhutyananda Avt

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