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To Brothers and Sisters Who Feel Baba Left Them

Date: Wed 19 Sep 2012 20:58:34 -0400
From: Nataraj Deva
Subject: To Brothers and Sisters Who Feel Baba Left Them



The dogmatic mahaprayan divasa (MPD) is around the corner and one group will be calling and cajoling sadhakas to attend.

Now, then, is the right time to evaluate this programmeme and better understand why more and more do not give an ounce of credence to it.

After all, our aim is to culivate a closeness with Parama Purusa and help others do the same - not push Him away


As we all know, Baba is the Parama Purusa - Taraka Brahma. That means He Himself is that Divine Eternal Entity.

As sadhakas of Ananda Marga, we constantly remember Him throughout the day and feel His divine vibrations resonating in our hearts and minds.

Because our link with Him is internal and we always feel that He is along with us.

Baba says, "Parama Purus'a always remains with you, within the very core of your heart. So search within, O spiritual aspirant, not without, but within, within your very existence." (Ananda Vacanamrtam - 12, p. 41)

Baba is our constant companion - benevolently watching our each and every action, ever-ready to help us in our time of need.

And every disciple feels like this. This is our spiritual approach in Ananda Marga.


And while there are various levels or degrees of spiritual closeness, the so-called mahaprayan function undermines them all.

Because in His discourse 'The Six Stages of Realisation', Baba clearly outlines all the degrees of realising Him.

Baba says, "When people attain progress in the realm of spiritual realization, that progress is divided into six stages - sa'lokya, sa'miipya, sa'yujya, sa'ru'pya, sa'rs't'hi and kaevalya." (Namami Krsnasundaram, Disc: 3)

Thus according to Baba, there are six stages of realisation and, at the very least, all of them acknowledge the presence of Parama Purusa. Indeed this awareness is present in even the first stage of realisation, sa'lokya. (Reference: Namami Krsnasundaram, Disc: 3)

So even the initial stage of realisation brings the understanding that I and my Parama Purusa exist. And this is the basic foundational point of spirituality: My Lord exists and He is with me.

However, the entire programme of so-called mahaprayan goes against this very fundamental point of spirituality because the MPD programme dictates that Baba is gone. That is the extreme negativity of this "mahaprayan" programme: It rules out the existence of Parama Purusa.

Whereas, in Ananda Marga, we all readily acknowledge the idea that Baba is always with us. No matter where we go in this world, He remains our Eternal Guide and Companion. This every sadhaka feels.

So the entire programme of so-called mahaprayan is lower than even the first stage of realisation - and is therefore against the very essence of our Ananda Marga spiritual outlook.


Around the globe there are a few very dogmatic religions that suggest that Parama Purusa is away. In their closed-minded and static approach, such religions argue that God is not with us. We all know which religions those are and need not name them here.

But for us, in Ananda Marga, we always encourage all brothers and sisters to make a deeper, more personal, link with Parama Purusa. That is true bliss of being an Ananda Margii.

So it is tragic that the dogmatic mahaprayan programme goes in the opposite direction: rather, it supports the feeling that Parama Purusa is gone.

That is why many are telling that (a) the MPD programme is more in line with the dogmatic religions as they do not have the
basic feeling of sa'lokya, (b) whereas this MPD programme is not at all appropriate for our dynamic spiritual movement of Ananda Marga.

We should not allow any of our brothers and sisters to fall in this way.


Again the whole conclusive point here is that the entire programme of so-called mahaprayan is below even the first stage of realisation, sa'lokya.

Yet, we know and ideate always that Baba is with us. That is the teaching of Ananda Marga and that is our practical approach. Each and every moment, we feel that Baba is along with us. That is how we do second lesson, by His grace. And this brings a sweet vibration in the mind for every devotee.

We should always remember that Guru Shrii Shrii Anandamurti ji always inculcated the idea in reporting, dharma samiiksa, personal contact etc: Never think that Parama Purusa is away from you - always think that He is with you.

Baba says, "One must not forget this fact – that the Supreme Entity is with you, and loves you." (Ananda Vacanamrtam - 12, The Birthright of All)



Some sadhakas think in their own way that Baba is a mundane personality who came and went. This is their outlook; but it is not very devotional. It is not up to the standard of devotion associated with our Ananda Marga. We feel and realise that Baba is the Divine Entity and He remains with us always.


Ask yourself: Do you really feel that Baba is gone? You never feel that Baba is with you & you never ask Him for any help? Really, you never do like this? If really you feel that Baba is gone - away from you - then yes, the dogmatic mahaprayan programme will be attractive for you. I do not feel that any of our margii brothers and sisters fall in this category.


"Asha'ni ulka' upeks'a' kari a'lokatiirthe calo cali..." (P.S. 744)


Baba by Your grace I will go on marching ahead towards the effulgence, my Goal, by avoiding and overcoming all sorts of obstacles like lightening and thunderbolts & meteors. By Your grace I will not be afraid of the thorns and difficulties on the path. With Your strength, I will root them out, throw them away, and move on and on. Baba, all my energy is coming from You.
Baba, on the path of my forward movement, there so many insects & nuisances. Plus various types of demons, ghosts, witches, and goblins are trying to create disturbances and fear on my journey. But by Your divine grace when I have fixed the determination in my mind to move towards You, then until I will not rest until I reach the Goal.

Baba, by Your grace, with my feet I will go on crushing all the obstacles on the path, no matter how insurmountable they may seem. Baba. Your immense blessing is always with me. You are my Source and You are my Savior...

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