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Devashish Book: "Half Truth"

Date: 14 Dec 2011 11:58:23 -0000
From: "Vidya_Deva@Pendulum...."
Subject: Devashish Book: "Half Truth"



It is common human nature to trust what is in print to be correct. We assume the writer, editor and publisher have verified the accuracy of each and every word.

Though, this type of feeling is often exploited as well - dogmas and wrong ideas are also put in print and taken as true. This misguides both readers and the general society.

Unfortunately, Devashish's book - Anandamurti: The Jamalpur Years - falls in this latter category. It is very laced with countless errors and mistakes that lead the reader astray.

Every concerned Ananda Margii then should be aware of brother Devashish's recent publication, Anandamurti: The Jamalpur Years (2010). Indeed, this book demands a closer look by our entire Marga family.


Before raising the point from Devashish's book, it will be helpful to review a few facts.

As most of us know, Baba's own book, "A Discussion" (1959) is an elaboration of His Prout philosophy and the book is based on the six discourses He delivered from 17 Oct 1959 to 22 Oct 1959 at the first-ever Prout conference in Jamalpur. A link to Ac Sujiit jii's first-hand account of this conference is appended below.

Hence the historic book, "A Discussion", stands as Baba's expanded account of His Proutistic teachings. It is indeed a seminal work that will last for the ages.



Unfortunately, in the book, Anandamurti: The Jamalpur Years, there are some erroneous and harmful statements made about Baba's divine book, "A Discussion." In Part Two, chapter XXI, on page 185, Devashish makes the following claim.

Devashish writes: "a separate booklet entitled, A Discussion, but Baba eventually banned the book and ordered existing copies to be burned." (Anandamurti: The Jamalpur Years, p.185, para #6, lines 12 & 13)

(Note: For those who do not have Devashish's book, we will scan that page for you if you so request.)

Thus Devashish clearly states that Baba ordered that His own book "A Discussion" (1959) should be banned and even burned. Such is the proclamation made in the book, Anandamurti: The Jamalpur Years.

But such a proclamation is nothing but Devashish's own fabrication. There is not a shred of truth in such a statement.

Baba never ever banned His own printed publication titled "A Discussion" and He certainly never ordered that it should be burned. These are just erroneous, nay silly, statements put forth by brother Devashish.


Here the point is that Baba never banned the book "A Discussion" nor did He give the order to have the existing copies burned. I personally have a copy of "A Discussion" directly in front of me. And I know of many senior and respected margiis who also have this book. Baba never told them, neither directly nor indirectly, to throw it away or burn it.

So there is no logic or reasoning, nor a shred of truth, to Devashish's claim on page 185 that Baba ordered His book, "A Discussion", to be banned and burned.

So it is a shame that in his attempt, Devashish gets this part entirely wrong and makes it look as though Baba banned and burned His own book, "A Discussion" - as if there was something wrong with it.

Devashish's false claim does nothing but lead the reader astray.


Verily brother Devashish's book is filled with countless errors, oversights, misleading statements and other problems that only serve to misguide the reader about our Beloved Baba.

I kindly request others to write in with their review of this book - as I do not have the time to point out all of the problems.

Plus there are certainly many other errors in the book which you will find that I did not.

Really then this must be a collective effort. After all, it is not everyday that someone publishes a 400+ page book about Baba that is littered with errors and so poorly reflects His True Self.

As Baba rightly warns us, we should be wary of such intellectuals.

Baba quote, "They [intellectuals] are very dangerous. Regarding such people Shiva has said, Lokavyamohaka´raka - they themselves are misguided people and they are always misguiding others. Vya´moha means psychic disease. Lokavya´mohaka´raka - they are very dangerous people...So, you boys and girls, be careful of the serpentine noose of those so-called intellectuals." (Ánanda Vacanámrtam Part 5, Don't Be Misguided)



We have scanned pages of the book "A Discussion" for those who do not have it or want further proof that this book exists and was not "banned" or "burned."


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