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Homosexuals & AM

From: "Marc Pele"
Subject: Homosexuals & AM
Date: Wed, 28 Oct 2009 12:39:28 +0000

Baba "Tumi ekat'u ka'che eso, a'r ekat'ukha'ni heso..." (PS 1909)


Baba, please grace me by coming a little more close, and please smile a little softly. Baba, by Your grace, my penance to get You will remove the cimmerian darkness of my mind. That I know. And please shower your sweet and charming smile like a full moon. I know this cimmerian darkness of my mind is not eternal. So much mental blackness and stains, hundreds of times comes and goes from my mind. Yet this deep, all around pitch darkness, pervading everywhere, will leave while keeping its head low in defeat. Baba, You love the divine effulgence-- not the darkness. By Your grace, I will not accept defeat at any cost. I will remain holding only Your lotus feet. Whatever people may say, whatever may happen, I will remain pure and blemishless, by Your grace. Baba, You are my beginning and my end-- You are my Goal. Baba, please come close and grace me by Your divine love...

In the general society - especially in the west and certainly in the US - the gay / homosexual movement is gaining momentum. They are marching on the capital, getting the attention of the US President, lobbying to make gay marriages legal in so various states, and various other things are going on. Naturally then, those homosexuals hiding in AM may be thinking that soon their time is going to come. They may be thinking that their star is going to rise and that soon the momentum about the gay / lesbian platform will swing in AM as well. Surely some homosexually-oriented people who've been biding their time in the Marga are making plans to mobilise and turn things in their favour. So we have to think: Is this perspective correct? Is AM going to also "turn the corner" on the gay issue?

In the general society, taking a stand in support of the termed "gay-rights" issue is viewed as progressive and broad-minded. Now it has become the fashion to "accept all people without judgment", embrace all religions, and be open to all ways of doing.

Today this type of outlook is highly appreciated and if one embraces such a perspective they are viewed as being "cosmopolitan" and "open-minded". Why is it that case? Because for centuries there has been a lot of dogma and hatred stemming from both the general society and the various religions. Such harshness made life extremely difficult for many people. There was blatant racism, gender inequality, and so much intolerance of others that life was quite unbearable. Now that is less so - there is widespread & growing acceptance of all peoples. And for the most part this has been a big improvement because earlier the general society and the various religions were littered with so many stigmas and dogmas. People were being senselessly alienated and attacked.

Thus, in the general society, this has been a progressive period in many respects - and the label of "progressiveness" has been expanded to include the homosexual way of living as well. So those gay oriented people hiding in AM are thinking that soon their sun will rise in AM as well.

Before deciding one way or the other about the future of homosexuality in AM, we must remember that AM is dharma. That is the first thing to keep in mind.

Baba says, "Ananda Marga alone is dharma and all the rest are sectisms." (SS-1, p.63)

That means that from its very inception Ananda Marga has been filled with truth and righteousness. The teachings of AM are perfect in all respects - they need not be improved upon. Nothing more needs to be added in order for it to become "progressive". Only human beings need to come to realise such teachings. In stark contrast the various religions are founded in dogma.

 Baba says, "All religions are based on dogma - they are not based on logic - and they propagate their dogma through stories, myths and parables." (PNS-18)

Thus there is a heaven and hell difference between AM and the various religions. Ours is based on proper and right-minded teachings given by Parama Purusa Himself and the various religions are based on crude, degrading mandates issued by selfish priests. And those misguided religious tenets have hounded society for centuries.

So when AM is dharma then we should maintain its pristine form whereas the religions should be modified and cleaned-up. It is just like if there is pure food then putting any poisonous chemical or lead in that food "to clean it up" will pollute it whereas if food has dirt in it from the very beginning then steps must be taken to remove the soil and make the food proper.

Likewise if someone is 100% healthy then there is no need to operate on that person - and indeed operating will cause harm - whereas if one is diseased then an operation is needed. Our Marga is like the pure food and the healthy person while the dogmatic religions are like the soiled food and the diseased person. Baba's guidelines need not / must not be changed whereas the religions need huge modifications and changes. That is the central operative principle.

Now let's see how this formula applies to the issue of homosexuality in Ananda Marga, remembering that AM is 100% dharma and straying from that only invites degeneration.

During dharma samiiksa, Baba took a strong stand against all wrongdoing in order to set society on the proper course and bring welfare to the people. We all saw this. For the sake of righteousness, Baba openly exposed those involved in extra-marital affairs, pre-marital sex, pedophilia, and, here it comes, lesbian and gay interactions. All these things Baba openly addressed during the time of dharma samiiksa. Baba clearly opposed all gay and homosexual type of dealing. Never did He accept it or praise it.

Rather He offered strong punishment to rectify that individual and bring them onto the path of welfare. So when AM is dharma and when Baba's stand is in opposition to gay relations, then we must not deviate from that way. Because whatever may be the trend in the general society today, already the teachings of AM represents the right approach. We need not bend to what is viewed as being "broadminded" according to the general society. Rather deviating from the stand of AM is to fall from the path of dharma. So we must not bend. Baba says, "We will not deviate an inch from our ideology, nor will we allow others to do so. One cannot promote human welfare if one bothers too much about public criticism, about the reaction in the papers or among the voters." (NSS, Disc: 14) Thus when Baba's stand and the stand of AM is against the practice of homosexuality, then that is our approach - period.

This in no way means that we should persecute gay people or allow any hate crimes or violence towards gay people. That is not our way. They are our brothers and sisters and part of this grand human family. We must have maximum empathy for them as human beings and respect as individuals. It is only their mode of living that we do not appreciate, not their personae.

Furthermore we should work to get them treatment for their glandular defects etc. Just like anyone suffering from a malady, we should help them to recover in both the physical and / or psychic fields. In addition, we are to show them that if they want to find and express love, then they should learn to love Parama Purusa. Thus although we strong oppose the practice of homosexuality, we will never launch a personal campaign against those individuals per se. Rather we will always defend and ensure their cardinal human rights as we attempt to educate them about and rectify their lifestyle.
In AM, we all know that sex is purely for procreation purposes. It is basically has no other value or real use. Baba advises maximum restraint, i.e. "the more the better". Those familiar with AM and Baba's mandates understand this point well. So when homosexuality offers no recourse for producing children then what is the use of such relations. It is just lust and / or misguided attraction. Nothing more. There is no existential value or utility in homosexual relations.

So although this is a seemingly controversial topic, our approach is quite clear. There need not be any debate or countless forums about this topic. Those who think that just as gay relations are gaining support in general society then the same will occur in AM are misguided. This is not what the future holds for Ananda Marga. Gay relations - as a human practice - will only be possible in Ananda Marga when things like pre-marital sex, prostitution, easy-as-pie divorce, fatherless children, and child pornography are also accepted in AM. I.e. Never. The day such things are embraced by AM society is the day it is no longer Ananda Marga. It will be something else. AM ideals are based on Baba's teachings and our AM society is meant to follow those ideals - none other. That is why only naive people carry the false hope that one day homosexuality will become an accepted and honoured life choice in AM.

Once again sympathy and understanding is needed in all respects - all should be valued and loved. Here we are condemning the practice of homosexuality and not homosexuals per se. We are against the practice - not the person. Rather we are to extend all sympathies and therapies to guide the person in the proper manner, away from such pursuits.

By Baba's grace He has given us all the teachings for dharmic life. Whatever is popular or not popular in the general society has no bearing on the way things develop in AM. Ours is the path of pure spirituality and the social representation thereof according to Baba. Thus when the issue of homosexuality comes to the table, we know exactly where we stand, irrespective of the current protests and / or proposals being made in the general society.

Here is further reading on this topic of homosexuality.
"Along with the theory of spiritual inheritance one Cosmic Ideology will have to be adopted and that ideology is that one Supreme Entity-- the Cosmic Entity-- is the goal of all living beings. This spiritual sentiment will keep human beings united for all time to come. No other theory can save the human race." (To The Patriots)


  1. This is appalling! Get an idea about people's lives who are BORN lesbian or gay. This is insulting to the very core of people's lives and completely ignorant of psychology and devoid of Baba's love. Mahendra you are a very small-minded person indeed SHAME SHAME SHAME! By the way, show categorically where Baba was opposed to homosexuality. I have not come across that. He loves all.

  2. Dear Anonymous,

    Thank you for your letter.

    1. People are born with all kinds of samskaras / imperfections- including inclinations towards gay / lesbian relations, that therefore does justify their deeds. Drug users are also born with a samskara to use drugs - that argument can also be made. We are to follow Baba's divine teachings, not negative samskaras. That is the human life.

    2. Here below is a link about your confusion that because Baba loves all therefore homosexuality is proper.

    3. Yes, Baba loves all - everyone - including bank robbers, rapists, murderers - everyone including homosexuals, but that does not mean He automatically approves of their behavior and conduct. It means He loves them unconditionally.

    To understand if He supports their behavior then we have to engage our ration mind and see if what they are doing is consistent with AM ideology - and homosexuality is clearly something that is not supported by AM - period.

    The people we love and will help, but the practice of a gay lifestyle is not proper and must be corrected.



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